Advice needed for dealing with wounds

Hello Ladies,


I'm looking for advice on how to deal with the after effects of radiotherapy. I currently have some very raw and sore wounds in my belly skin fold. My nurse gave me loads of stuff for treating it - proflavine for cleaning it and "non stick" dressings. The problem is that these dressings do stick, and even after soaking them with water they still hurt to take off - which means the wounds are being disturbed everytime I change dressings. It's making me feel miserable and their location means it's quite painful to bend and even walk. I also have some type of silver cream to use starting from tomorrow.

Is there anything I can do? Any better dressings I could buy myself?



Megsmaw xx

Hi Megsmaw

I think once you start on the silver cream you will see a difference

very quickly.I know it works a treat on bed sores/leg ulcers.

Hope you find a soloution asap.

Take care

Becky X

The nurse phoned today. Apparently the swab they took while I was in for my brachy showed that there is a bit of infection. My doctor has given me a prescription for antibiotics. I've also asked my family members who are pharmacy assistants about other dressings and they've given me suggestions for better ones avaible on prescription. Hopefully i can get these more comfortable dressings and once the antibiotics/silver cream start to work I'll feel better.  :)



Megsmaw xx

Hi Megs

Glad your treatment has been going well, hope your sore bits are starting to feel better.

hugs, Molly xxx