Quick question for anyone who has had LLETZ??

Hello everyone,

I got my results back for my colposcopy that was performed in February to say my results showed CIN3, that they would need treatment and a letter would be out eventually.
Well I was getting a bit anxious waiting for a letter was its now mid April, so I called them up and the girl asked me when was the earliest I could come. At the moment, I study away from home and have exams fast approaching so I made a date for mid May, just over a month away.
At the moment I’m starting to panic myself that I should have booked an appointment sooner (Which would eat into my study time but hey ho).
How long did you ladies wait from between being diagnosed with a more severe CIN, to actually getting the LLETZ treatment? Am I silly to be putting off treatment for as long?

Hi, I had my lletz the same day I had my colposcopy. I personally wouldn't have put it off and I would rather get it out of the way as soon as possible. Especially as it's 2 months after you got the result. Is it not possible to get an earlier appointment? Because you will need to add on the waiting for the procedure plus another 4-6 for the results of the lletz. 

Thanks for the reply Lynne! 

The earliest appointment I could do realistically is the 5th May (just due to exams and also the hospital I go to only does these appointments on a thursday which is quite frankly ridiculous) .... BUT... Ive been referred for a CT scan on the 6th (its unrelated to the cervical stuff, its related to my kidneys). And I've had conflicting information from the CT radiology people and the gynae people, about whether or not its ok to have LLETZ the day before the CT scan. I was waiting for a nurse to ring me back today for a definitive answer but she never did.

Though they said one of the reasons was there could be inflammation etc from the LLETZ? Im going to ring them tomorrow and really push for getting it done on 5th May, unless they can give me an absolute reason (health wise) as to why I shouldnt just get the LLETZ the day before my scan. 


Hi, I had my smear result in June 2015, came back as cin2. two biopsies later in June confirmed this. I attended an appt. In July 2015 fully expecting lletz treatment only to be told I had a choice. 1. Watch and wait with a colposcopy in 6 months 2. Have the treatment. Basically the consultant was not that helpful as I just wanted to be told what to do however he did lead me to feel that watching and waiting was a viable option (This route has since been confirmed by other proffessionals) I waited 6 months (which actually ended up being more like 8 months due to hospital booking system) had a repeat Smear. This indicated progression to CIN3 so 6 weeks later I had lletz. I delayed my appt. as I had a heN party. It has been almost 1 year now since original testing and results from l came back confirming CIN3 but nothing more sinister. i have also heard of people delaying treatment for hols etc. I have HPV 16 which is the most asgressive form (I think). If you are worried speak to your gp or the colposcopy clinic they will have experience in this far greater than we could ever want and should be able to let you know what they think is best. I am also 26. Good luck with your exams.