Question about pain 3 months after lletz

I had a lletz done back mid October (I think) for cin3. The results came back confirming cin3 and clear margins. She said everything looked good at my 6 week check up. So it’s been about 3 months since I had the lletz, and I’m wondering if this is normal. Actually ever since the colposcopy I’ve been aware of my cervix. I’m 34 and have never noticed it until then. I can feel it when I’m standing or walking or sitting, there’s just feeling there. After the lletz I was having some pain, more of it felt raw and almost like something was up there but I knew nothing was. I called the office and the Dr. told me it was probably the solution they use to stop the bleeding. It can cause dryness and that’s probably where the feeling was coming from. Well, 3 months after, it’s still happening. I still have a raw, sometimes burning pain in my cervix. This was my first found with this so I’m not sure what’s normal this far out and what’s not. Any personal stories about your months after experiences would be lovely!