Question 12 months post colposcopy, possible trigger for LLETZ experience...


I received colposcopy and subsequent LLETZ in June 2014, following abnormal smear and detection of CIN3. 

I had a follow up in January 2015, which was a straight forward colposcopy and smear which came back clear. 

I am due for my 2nd follow up colposcopy at the hospital in July, but I was wondering if anyone could help. 

Just before the initial CIN3 diagnosis, when I was unaware of what was about to be uncovered and before that smear last June, my cervix area had been feeling odd for a few month, almost like a rough itch sensation, with sometimes a feeling that I'd been punched in the cervix (no other way to describe it!). I was unaware it was my cervix until the LLETZ then I was able to put my finger on where the pain was coming from once I'd had the surgery as it was the same location.

Anyway, the past couple of days, I've had that same pain/itch raw feeling in my cervix. I am probably overthinking things, but I relate this feeling to the feeling I had just before everything kicked off, and feeling a bit worried. I don't know if I should ask to see if there are any earlier colposcopy appointments, what do you think?


Also, I am really dreading if anything does come back and this next follow up. I found the colposcopy and LLETZ at that initial appointment to feel....well almost like I was being assualted. I can't stop thinking about it, it was a horrible experience, where the woman doing it didn't beleive me when I told her I could feel the burning of the LLETZ after she had injected the lidocaine into my cerviz, and wouldn't stop. She said if I didn't stop jumping she would burn me, which obviously is a sign I am feeling pain? And I found out 3 days later at the doctor (not from her) that she had burned my labia. I honestly was in so much pain and crying, I explained that to the new woman doing my follow up in January who seemed sympathetic and said that wasn't right, but the thought of going back for a smear, colp, or worse more LLETZ makes me well up and shake with fear. It's giving me a lot of anxiety and I'm afraid I'm almost bringining this on myself 


Sorry for the epic post. I don't really have anyone to say these things to. Kept a lot inside. Thanks.

Oh Lynz poor you. A lletz isn't a nice experience even on a good day, clearly she made it 10 times worse. If you do need more treatment, you could ask that they do it under general anaesthetic. I think that's what I would do. I too cried during mine but didn't feel as much as you clearly did.

I think the fact that you had a clear result in January, hopefully means this one will be clear too and you won't need another lletz xx

Thank you. I hope so too. 

I am a bit of a needle phobe so the thought of a GA fills me with fear too. Not sure if a sedative might be better. 

I'm scared of the thought of going in for colposcopy and it's just sprung on me that I need LLETZ there and then, with urgency, as that is how it was put to me the first time. Didn't really have time to think about it and it was happening, all a bit rushed and not good. 

Do you think the symptoms I'm having might warrant me asking for a sooner appointment? I think I might be overthinking things but it's quite painful :/


Thanks again for taking time to reply x

You could definitely try to see if there are appointments sooner. They may not because its so soon to July. Time doesn't go as slowly for them as they are not waiting and worrying!