Positive for hpv and cell changes but 44 week wait for colposcopy

Hi back in sept I got my first smear result positive for hpv and cell changes found… then got a letter saying 44 week wait to get my colposcopy… has anyone else found this I’ve been worried sick since I got the letter with my results and the waits making it worse… not sure what to do to be honest :confused:

Hi Leah,

I had an abnormal smear (HPV positive and cell changes), the test was done in Aug & results received Oct. I received the standard 6 week wait letter for colposcopy however when I spoke to the gynae sec, she said current waiting time was 16-20 weeks. I waited a few weeks then contacted the colposcopy clinic to request a cancellation, I got really lucky & was offered an appointment within a couple of days. No guarantees but you’ve nothing to lose by asking the question, there will still be lots of people having to cancel in January with covid & flu still very much out there.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

I don’t even know where I’d call my hospitals gynae closed down I’m sure so not sure where my appointment would be x I’m greater glasgow and clyde too x

Hi Leah,

Stobhill Hospital carries out colposcopy procedures so it may be worth calling them first & asking to be transferred to the colposcopy clinic. Or is there a contact number on the letter you received?

Hi Leah, I had mine at Stobhill, I’m greater Glasgow and Clyde too. I did have to wait about 9months for my appointment though with them too. I know many may disagree but I have two young children who need their mum so I paid for a private appointment at the Nuffield and was seen and treated within 4weeks last December. I appreciate I was in a fortunate enough position to do that and not everyone can. I was told my changes were cin1, if you contact your GP they should be able to tell you if your letter doesn’t. I initially contacted the nurse at my surgery who totally panicked me as.my letter was so basic and her response was we are looking for cancer! Very unhelpful. I then spoke to my GP who explained further about the changes. Obviously I can’t comment on your own but I did a lot of worrying too and got myself very worked.up, I think if you read se.threads on here a lot of people feel the same so you aren’t alone . I hope you manage to get a cancellation, and know it’s easier said than done but do try not to worry. It’s more common than you think and once I asked some.friends they explained they had also had it and had some treatment. Wishing you a speedy appointment.

It is a worry especially with family history just over thinking it all go didn’t say level of change just try not to get myself worried because I’ve had the vaccination it’s very unlikely to be high risk she said but still a worry as a single young mum… especially whilst my mums currently fighting cancer at the moment also… considering going private for it but with Christmas and little ones birthday coming up may have to wait out a bit longer and decide after that

Hi I got a last minute cancellation appointment for Monday :crossed_fingers:t3: my gp chased it up yesterday and got the call for a cancellation today… so that must have done the job I reckon! Relieved to finally have an appointment but now I’m more nervous than ever x :sweat_smile:

Hi Leah that’s fantastic about the appointment, really glad to hear you won’t be waiting so long. Apologies I didn’t reply to your last message, just been really busy with work and kids. I’m sorry to hear about your mum too, such difficult circumstances. Wishing you all the best for your appointment next week. Take care and let us know if you need to ask anything else on here after it. I can honestly say it’s not as bad as I thought it would be having the colposcopy, and same with the lletz treatment I had, if you have treatment I’d say just take it easy after it x

Thought I’d leave an update appointment went well after 6 month wait for my colposcopy, my cells have improved from the smear they said so to have another smear in June so year from my last smear and see where we are at then feeling positive :heart:

I’m really glad to hear that. It’s so hard not to stress and worry, but now that you know it’s not as bad as feared hopefully you can relax a bit. I hope you’re mum is doing ok, it’s a lot to deal with all at once. Take care x