6-9 month wait for Colposcopy - N.Ireland


Just wondering if there is anyone on here from NI and if they are in a similar situation to me?

I had a smear test in June 2021, call from Doc reporting cell change & referral to Colposcopy. I called appointments for Craigavon hospital this week (October) and was told there is a 6-9 months waiting list for colposcopy appointments - Does this apply to anyone else in here?

Hopefully someone here reads this as I can’t find similar anywhere else.



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It’s the same in Scotland ie Glasgow. Average wait is about 30 weeks. They send you a letter saying you’ve got high risk hpv ( in my case ) abnormal changes in your cervix then make you wait 6,7,8 months!!! That letter alone puts the fear of god in you & when you try desperately to find out what exactly is going on your made to feel as though you’re over reacting. I feel for you, I was told 30 weeks of waiting but because I took a cancellation I eventually got done after 25 weeks. Make sure they know your open to cancellations . Good luck :pray:

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Hi Megan,

I’m from Northern Ireland and I had my smear at the beginning of May this year and I got a call from my GP in July to say i had abnormal cells (CIN1) and HPV positive and that I was being referred for a colposcopy. It was the first time my smear hasn’t been normal and I had also discovered a lump in that area a couple of years ago so it put the fear of god into me. However, I had my colposcopy on the 26th July where the consultant took a biopsy (and has since asked me to go back as the cell changes require treatment and are CIN 2 instead of CIN 1). The wait alone for biopsy results took 2 months therefore I assumed I must be ok as I would have thought if I required treatment I would have been alerted sooner but reading how long you are having to wait just to get a colposcopy is crazy to me and I can 100% understand your concerns.

I wonder if it’s a trust issue, i’m assuming you’re the Southern Trust as you mentioned Craigavon? I was referred through the Northern Trust. I don’t know whether you can chase it up with your GP and if that would make any difference or enquire about going private?

I’m so sorry you’re having this to deal with, it’s really worrying. I’m going for treatment on Monday and i’m that past myself that I had to ring and ask my GP for something to settle my nerves and I haven’t been told what treatment they’re considering either so I feel like i’m a bit in the dark.

I hope this helps and you get sorted soon xx

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Thanks so much for replying to me!
Reading through your reply sounds almost identical to mine in the beginning… I was alerted in July about my abnormal smear… Somethings desperately wrong if at one end of the country is waiting up to 9 months for something that is being dealt with in the same month elsewhere (I’m not sure which trust area you are in) … I asked the GP for my referral letter to get a bit more info… it stated ‘urgency - routine & no priority reason given’ … which makes me think that whatever has been detected is benign, which is a good thing….

I am so sorry to hear what you are facing at the minute… I’m sure you are climbing the walls… it’s hard not to focus on the worst case scenario… I am glad at least that you are being seen and that they are dealing with it… I hope everything goes well on Monday! I totally get how you feel… It’s very isolating.

That’s a good idea about getting my name on the cancellation list… it’s better than nothing I suppose.

It gets to me how they have a big health drive to make sure women arrive for their smear tests and get them regularly, then make us wait over half a year to get seen… pandemic or not, the people don’t deserve this.

I enquired about going private with the Ulster Clinic in Belfast … it’s between £300 & £900 for the procedure dependent on biopsies etc… as well as £87 Covid test, followed by isolation & time off work … Unfortunately it’s not viable for me…

Thanks again for you reply.
I hope Monday comes quickly and that your mind is put at ease soon.

Hi Michelle… thanks so much for replying.

It’s desperate isn’t it…. You poor thing… I know what you mean… they do make you feel like you are over reacting… but there is little reassurance in a referral for cervical cancer screening… I hope everything goes well for you!
Good idea about the cancellation list… I will try that on Monday.

Thanks again for your reply & take care,


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