PET scan today


This is my very first post treatment scan. I went in this morning, nothing to it but I wish it were an MRI–its probably silly of me but the PET seems extreme & I keep thinking about metastasis. I’m not sure, but I think I was scheduled for the PET because they aren’t exactly expecting the tumor to be gone by now and I guess PET is the best way to see if what is still there is “active”

So scary. A dear friend of mine is flying in tonight so Ive got a great distraction while I wait but even still it’s hugely weighing on my mind. I don’t have any aches or pains since treatment so I know there’s a good chance I’ll be okay but I guess I just created this topic because you all are so wonderfully supportive. Did anyone else get a PET as first post treatment scan? My doctor doesn’t have the most reassuring attitude so I’m wondering what is truly bad and what could be inflammation or something else in the results?

Thank you for reading lovelies and I hope you are all well xx


Sending you lots of good juju doll. Have an amazing camping trip!! xxx

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My first post treatment scan was a pet scan. Had it 3 months post treatment to see if I was Ned , thankfully I was.


Hey @Lovewinz,

I was sitting thinking about my up coming exam Monday and you ran across my mind. I remembered you were having your scans soon. I wanted to send you my best wishes and fingers crossed for great news for you! I wish i could give words of wisdom or say something to help ease your mind! I also wanted to thank you again for all of the times you’ve responded to my post. You helped me get through some of the rougher days post treatment :heart:.

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That’s the best compliment I could get :heart: Greene

Sending strength and good vibes your way✨

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You guys!!!

I peeked at mychart online (a US thing—or maybe it’s elsewhere too??)

Anyway!! I was all set for some conflicting/confusing terminology &/or bad news but…

No evidence of disease, and area of previous high SUV uptake in cervix has RESOLVED & is now reading 2.3

Holy shit!!! That’s a 5cm Adenocarcinoma tumor that they just zapped right up into oblivion.

I think :joy::thinking:

Probably should wait to hear it from my doctor but there was nothing on the report to indicate anything left at all or anything found in any other place in my body.

We can do this darlings! Now to keep on with the healthy lifestyle after a serious celebration :tada: tonight! Shoot, I’m not waiting for my doctor after all :joy::boom::sparkles::sunny::dancer:


I had a PET at 3 months and 9 months post for adenocarcinoma. Both clear. Your results sound very promising!! Go celebrate!!


Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!:partying_face::beer::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: amazing news lovely!!!:kissing_heart: xxxxxx


Very happy for you! That’s extremely excellent :tada:

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The feeling is hard to put into words! I know it’s only the first hurdle but it’s an important one. Happy for you!

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OldRed you are the best my dear! Thank you for your support you fabulous :hatching_chick:


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SUVmean was 33%–36% higher and SUVmax 36%–41% higher in obese patients than in patients with a normal BMI. As expected, SULs were lower than SUVs in all patients, even more so in obese patients. SULs were approximately 50% of SUVs in obese patients and 75% of SUVs in patients with a normal BMI.Jun

——just because I love my science and research——

Ladies, apparently SUV is influenced by weight. If your SUV is boarderline high and your weight is either technically overweight or obese, try not to worry about it.

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Just got a message from my oncology nurse who knew I wanted a heads up before heading into my doctors office today and her words are “ this is the best possible result anyone could hope for”

I’m obviously very happy but also would like to impart to ladies out there do not lose hope. I was originally staged at 1b3, but my radiation oncologists insisted I was 2b with a 5cm tumor. Adenocarcinoma, besides what anyone will tell you otherwise, are quite difficult to get rid of. The new treatment protocols are very effective and I took it extremely seriously and strictly adhered to as many steps as possible. There’s no way to know exactly why I am getting NED so soon with such a large adeno, but I hope anyone in my position may be able to see that this is possible. I’m not extra healthy, I’m no longer young, and I was definitely obese when I started out. I would never have thought this was possible at first scan, so don’t be a worry wort like me & have faith in the future.



I had a PET scan post treatment I assumed it w as standard procedure Good luck with your scan today