Pain post radical hysterectomy

Hello, I’m just over 2 weeks post radical hysterectomy. A few days ago I noticed that the pain was reducing and I no longer needed to take codiene, just the occasional paracetamols. The following day I got a new and intense pain, which is worrying me. It’s inside my addomen, on my left hand side. It feels like something which was healing in there, has now torn. I called the hospital hotline and was told not to worry, take pain killers and monitor. I just don’t know if this is normal? Certain movements make it worse and it feels like a stabbing pain. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m 40, was fit prior to surgery and have had both ovaries removed.

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Hello. I can’t help with your question but I know there is a group on Facebook called Hysterectomy sisters uk
I believe there is an American one also I believe is called Hyster sisters or something similar. I was part of the group in the UK for a while as the possibility of me having an Hysterectomy was quite real and was desperate for some answers they shared many tips on how to manage it, it can probably help you get an answer just in case you don’t get one in here. Take care and hope you get a speedy recovery.

Hi Hop1, thanks so much for your help. I have just requested to join the UK Facebook group. Best wishes to you! Gina x

Fantastic I hope they can give you some answers have a good Christmas

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