Lower ado pain

Hi, I had a radical hysterectomy over a year ago for stage 1b1 cc. Physically I have been very well, unfortunatley this year I have had depression and anxiety. 

About three weeks ago I started getting pain in my lower abdomen which is getting a bit worse each day. The pain sometimes takes my breath away and this morning I struggled to walk to the school. The pain also radiates down the top of my leg and down my vagina. 

I dont know what to do which sounds stupid, if anyone else wrote that I would say phone your nurse! I dont want to make a fuss if its nothing but I cant think what else it could be? Has anyone had anything like this? Could it just be trapped wind?

Thanks for listening 

Hi Susie 

I would say it's worth picking up the phone and speaking to your nurse, they may say it's nothing and just part of the side effects from your procedure or they may want to get you checked out.

i personally didn't have a hysterectomy so can't comment from personal experience but after my treatment (I'm now 11 weeks post treatment) I have experienced lower and I pain but have been told for me it's a side effect.

It's worth getting checked so you can put your mind at rest if nothing else.

take care x


i really would call and make an appointment. If you are having any issue passed 3 weeks then it's a good idea to get checked out. Yes, it may seem so scary and cause you some anxiety but the anxiety from not knowing will be worse. 

its most likely something else like a pulled muscle but until you get it checked the symptoms will just mess with you mentally and you will never be able to move forward. 

Please call


Hi ,

If i were you I would make an appoinment . I am sure it is something not related to cc but to hear it from a doctor will be better.

Thank you all. I think I knew the answer really. I have phoned the hospital and they are getting me an appointment sorted out xx 

Hi Susie, I am very glad that you made appointment. It's good to know something better that worrying n being anxious.... hope you appointment go well.... 


Thanks, appointment has been made for Monday/ tomorrow, hows that for speed?! I am still worried about wasting their time but at least it will stop me worrying.

Hi Susie,

I was the same as you - didn't ever want to waste the doctor's time for some menial little complaint. However, that attitude changed very much for me after getting a cancer diagnosis. Now I believe that we have to be our own advocate when something might be going on - it is up to us to initiate things because we know our bodies better than anyone else when something isn't quite right. Also, so many things can be treated more easily the earlier they are discovered and I'm sure the doctors would agree with us on that. And finally, it is their job to be there for us when we need them.  Even if all we need is for them to confirm that it isn't anything serious. 

Good luck with it's your appointment tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for you that it is nothing serious. 

Hi, the pain is still there. Had an MRI today, the waiting begins again...

My consultant said it may possibly be scar tissue so fingers crossed it is xx