Nurse wouldnt do smear. 2 week referral

I went for my smear test and the nurse wouldn’t complete my smear.
She said my cervix was very angry, red, bumpy and mentioned a growth.
She left the room to fetch a GP who agreed to leave the test and do a 2 week referral.
Im 40 years old, have 6 children and have been HPV positive for 6 years, 3 positive tests.
I was already waiting for an appointment with gynae due to extreme bleeding/periods and ovarian cysts.
Google is the worst but tbh, after a bit of research, Im starting to really worry!
Bleeding, lower back pain, lower abdomen cramps, fatigue to the point I thought sleep apnea. :roll_eyes:
There must be another explanation? I think thats what Im looking for.
Has anyone had anything similar and its been nothing?

@Kimathy Hey how did you get on? Going through something similar now, hope you’re all okay.

Hi :wave:
I had blood tests the day after on the Friday, a ultrasound at the hospital on the Monday and then saw the gynaecologist the thursday after. He did a colposcopy and took a few biopsys. Just waiting for results from them all now. Hope your okay x