Urgent 2 week referral

Had my smear yesterday which was a bit later than 3 years due to the whole covid situation. The nurse stopped and explained that she needed to go speak to the doctor, that she didnt want to alarm me but as soon as she had touched my cervix it had started to bleed quiet a lot and she wanted to get the doctors input. She returned about 15 minutes later and explained that the doctor was referring me to gynaecology on an urgent 2 week referral , which on my referral states suspected cancer. I’m now imagining the worst. She gave me some info regarding symptoms etc, which i would never have even thought were symptoms of cervical cancer, but i can tick off having atleast 8 of them. Has anyone had similar and had results back as clear?

Hello I’ve had a similar situation. During the colposcopy they did take a biopsy. Mine came back that mine was cervical ectropian. This is more common in those of us who use hormonal contraception.

I did not need any treatment as this can clear up itself. It’s where the cells that are normally in the cervix are on the face of the cervix.

It’s been a about 10 years and my last few smears I’ve not had any sign of a this ectropian. So mine did clear up itself.

Also I think all referrals to colposcopy are on the 2 week wait list as standard


Hi thank you for your response. Unfortunately i have not used hormonal contraception, have shown other symptoms, discharge, bleeding in between periods, leg swelling and also excruciatingly painful periods that are heavy and last 7 to 10 days where previously i was 3 to 5.
Im unsure whether it is different in different areas however both my mum and aunt were referred for colposcopies but with abnormal results from smear and both waited roughky 12 weeks for an appointment.
I hope like you that it is something like you mentioned which i read about, im just a bit concerned as we didnt even finish the smear. I am still showing signs of blood now 3 days later and very painful pelvic area.
Your post is definitely reassuring though so thank you so much and i am glad that you are all ok now :heart:

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So although it’s more common in those who have hormonal contraceptive it’s not exclusively linked. Even if you don’t or haven’t used it you can still get ectropian.

They likely didn’t perform the smear because they knew the bleeding would result in an insufficient result. Which would have meant another appointment. And as they’ve referred you to colposcopy anyway they’ll be able to do it whilst you’re there anyway. I think when I had mine they didn’t do my smear and it was instead fine once I had my colposcopy appointment. Also the discharge and bleeding between periods can be linked to cervical ectropian too. So whilst you do have symptoms it doesn’t mean it’s the worse case scenario. But I know it’s hard not to think about it, but reminding yourself there are potential other causes for your symptoms may help.