No clear margins

I had a LLETZ procedure on April 19. The results show level 1 and 2 changes but there were no clear margins in what was removed. They discussed these changes at a panel yesterday and have discharged me back to the GP for a smear in 6 months. I am 45 and have HPV 18 so was wondering if I should push for more treatment. 6 months seems a long wait with no clear margins. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @KatieT

As unsettling as it is for us, they are just following usual protocols, someones strain type doesnt make cell changes progress to cancer any quicker… 16 & 18 are just more problematic as they have more chance of persisting/evading the immune system but all HR strains have the same potential if they persist over the 1-2 year average clearance timeframe

There was no mention of margins in my results and my GP is none the wiser so im unsure of they met margins with mine or not but i only had the 1 treatment… if they dont meet the margins they will look at the sample that was removed and determine whether the wire from the LLETZ would have burnt away the remainder of the cells or if they arnt happy with what they removed we would be called in for more treatment before offering a test of cure 6 months later xx


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply so thoroughly, it’s very helpful and I really appreciate it. X