Night sweats

I'm 33 and 9 weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. I had a simple hysterectomy 10 days ago as part of the shape trial, the op seems to of been successful but I will get my full results in another few days. Side I left the hospital a week ago I've been experiencing terrible night sweats that leave me and my bed soaking wet. I still have my ovaries so is this normal? Please can anyone she'd any light on why I'm experiencing this? I read online it could be a sign of lymphoma and I've had my nodes removed so could that be the cause? 

I'd appreciate any feed back possible. Thanks in advance 

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That really does sound typically menopausal, it could still be that. I think it highly unlikely to be lymphoma. I wonder if you mean lymphodoema rather than lymphoma?. If it's lymphodoema, then you would have noticeable swelling in your pelvic area and legs. I think you should go to the GP and have your hormone levels checked. If you have had a hysterectomy you would only need oestrogen as HRT which is very easy to manage and you will feel loads better.

I agree with above, I was told that while they could leave my ovaries in to try and prevent menopause there was a high possibility they would fail and it would be unsuccessful. Do you mean lymphodema? That is when once the nodes have been removed you get a lot of fluid retention so i wouldn’t see that causing night sweats, lymphoma is a totally different type of cancer xx


After 4 years after my hysterectomy os very helping read all of you. Many thanks for shearing your experiences.

I also have heavely sweat at night!! Feeling very uncomfortable and weak up. Don't know what to do...same practical advices?