Still not feeling 100%

Hello everyone, I’m almost 5 months post radical hysterectomy with ovaries removed also and I’m just wondering when I’m going to start to feel normal again if ever! I don’t want to come in here and moan as I feel lucky to of been given the all clear after my op with no further treatment needed but since the hysterectomy my joints/bones ache..I have constant water infections although I was told this would happen for a while as they had trouble with my bladder as it had stuck to previous scar tissue from c sections...I’m just generally feeling a little under the weather most days..tired, achy, hot flushes are driving me mad and the night sweats also! My gp prescribed me a antidepressant to help with the flushes but after reading that they were Prozac I stopped taking them even though they really did help with the flushes! 

I’m guessing The way I’m feeling is just down to my body adjusting and me getting over the trauma of it all but just wanted to here t from someone who’s been through the same that I’m not imagining it lol 

kay x

Hi Kay. I didn't have the same treatment, mine was chemorads, but with the menopause I've had flushes, joint pain and sleepless nights. Might some of your symptoms be menopause related? Being disturbed at night of course makes everything worse, because of the tiredness. Add to that the stress mentally and physically that diagnosis and treatment brings and 5 months really doesn't seem that long for recovery! That said, there's no reason to suffer. Would your GP prescribe an alternative to help with the hot flushes? I know other ladies on here have tried (and had success) with other meds - maybe search on Jos for some suggestions to take to the GP. Water infections can really make you feel rubbish too, and give your immune system a battering. Good luck and I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Anne xx