NHS wait times versus private

Hi, I’m 49 and live in Scotland. Smear in 2022 showed HPV, no cell changes. One year on, high risk HPV and cell changes so I’m waiting for NHS colposcopy referral. It’s been 9 weeks and the letter from my GP practice said to chase if nothing received. I did, they know nothing and it was pointless putting that in the letter! I sat on hold to the colposcopy clinic (I think, hospital switchboard could have transferred me to an empty cupboard for all I know) for 45 minutes and gave up. It is so sad our NHS is in this state! How have people got on with going private? Any recommendations or idea of costs? Hope you’re all hanging in there, it’s all so frustrating and scary x

Hi Ann,have they referred in a 2 week urgent referral?mine is supposed to be 2 weeks but when i spoke to a nurse yesterday they said possibly 3 weeks or more,so ive contacted a private hospital and they have quoted me £381 for a Colposcopy,but i think all hospitals differ in prices,so its worth having a look and ringing a few that you find,im still having ro wait 2 weeks to see this one,as he only works 1 day a week and then i guess the rest he is nhs then,i hope you are able to find a hospital that is affordable for you,and that you get seen to as quickly as possible. Xx

Thanks for sharing, that’s helpful advice. I’m in the first year of cell changes with nothing indicating I’m on the list for an urgent appointment yet. I am not keen to wait nearly another year for that to worsen. (my nhs trust web site says minimum 7 months wait, after you get your referral letter, which hasn’t arrived after 2 months so far) I’m going to look around at my options at least for a quicker colposcopy. I hope you get seen soon and some peace of mind from reducing the wait.

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I did my two colposcopies through the NHS but it took months to get the results each time. Following on from the second colposcopy I was told I needed further treatment which I also did through the NHS, and it took 10 weeks to get the results from this. The result told me I needed yet another treatment (LLETZ) which I decided to do private, got an appointment within 2 weeks and took 2 weeks to get the results. Sadly the results showed cancer which had to be sent back to the NHS hospital and it’s been weeks now and I’m still waiting to hear from NHS about next steps and treatment… So I would definitely recommend going private if you’re able to, really just for peace of mind!

Thanks Emilien, I hadn’t considered the results on the NHS could take forever again too. I feel for you, stay strong