Newly diagnosed Small cell stage 3


I’m new to this forum well the whole cancer subject as I call “cruella” now. I have just been diagnosed with small cell cervical cancer. The doctors have told me it’s very rare and aggressive, let’s say being told it’s a 1% chance of getting it and I’m in that 1% is slightly mind blowing! I have an appointment on Friday where I am meeting my new consultants who specialise in small cell. I’m in a very good head space I’m ready to fight, they have said they can and will treat this but will also go at it very aggressively. I’m 33 and my daughter turns 3 at the end of this month so as you can imagine my main drive is my daughter! As I know this is a very rare disease I’m just looking for advice on what’s
To come and just some reassurance that it can be beat even though like I said there is no other option than beat it! They have advised they will most likely be going down the route of chemo and radiotherapy as they are unable to operate. It is also contained down there within the cervix/pelvic area scan shows no spread of disease in other parts of the body which I’m taking as a plus! I’ve been told they will treat to cure which that’s all I needed to hear but any reassurance or experience would be greatly appreciated as I am the first within my family and friends to ever have this happen. Thanks x

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Hi Lauren, I have PM’d you xx

Hi Lauren,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis - you are indeed very rare (or special). I’m new to this forum too - I didn’t have small cell cancer but I had Stage 3 squamous - where it had spread into the lymph nodes in my pelvis and abdomen. I too was told it was curative. I’m now in recovery from the treatment having been told there is ‘no evidence of disease’ (NED). They were true to their word! For your own peace of mind, and especially being a young mum, you have to believe it’s curable, and every time you lie under that radiotherapy machine (blasting your pelvis and giving your bowels a beating as well as everything else) think - this is curing me! When you’re sitting with the chemo drip in = this is killing the cancer. It may be damaging me, but I will survive! The cancer will not! There is no other option, is there! Do everything they tell you to do. Take every procedure they offer. Know that there will be side effects and they may be very unpleasant - but the alternative is simply not tolerable. It is definitely a plus that the cancer has not spread. Hopefully some others on here will have had Small cell and can give you some positive experiences.

Jackie x

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Thank you so much Jackie! See I’m hearing so many good stories and positive outcomes! This is why speaking to others going through this helps so much! Well done in getting through it and smashing it xx

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Hi,I’ve been diagnosed with this type as well.Its very scary being the 1%.was wondering how you are doing? I havent started my treatment yet.Its so scary xx

Hi Debbie, I’m doing ok thank you. I’m half way through my first initial chemo plan so 2 out of 4 done and luckily I’ve been absolutely fine all way through upto now no symptoms at all from the chemo bar my hair thinning which I will take! I have appointment on 16th August with the gyne team which I’m guessing is the radiotherapy side so I will find out more about that then but on a whole tbh I’m good, feel better than I did before being diagnosed which is mad even saying but living a lot healthier lifestyle now and feeling better. How are you feeling? Silly question I know but I know I felt better speaking to people in same situation to myself. Have you been given any plan of action yet? I’m here anytime if want to message me or anything x

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Hi,thanks for replying.Im glad to hear your feeling well.Thats brilliant.My first oncology appointment is tomorrow.I am so nervous and anxious.Im hoping I will feel better after that.I had a letter which was sent to my gp saying my tumour is 6.7cm by 5.4cm.This terrified me,it sounds so big and I’m amazed i cant feel anything xx

Hi Debbiedoo

How did you get on at your oncologist appointment?


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Hi,sorry it took me so long to reply.I went on holiday and the signal was terrible.
My appointment went really well.I feel much more positive now.
I have to go for my pet scan on monday and have an appointment for the chemo nurse to speak to me and book me in.
I’m having 4 lots of chemo every 3 weeks,then radiotherapy then brachiotherapy.
I just want to get started now and get rid of it xx

Hope you were able to enjoy your holiday Debbie, and I’m glad you’re now feeling positive. That’s definitely the best way to approach things. Your medical team are experts in treating this and they can sort it. The PET scan is really important to tell them exactly where any malignancy is hiding, so they can target it exactly. You’ll get through this and we’re all with you in spirit! X

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Glad to hear your appointment went well and you have a plan put in place.
Good luck with your treatment.

Take care x

Thankyou ladies.It means so much xx

Hello ladies, my name is Mel. It’s been awhile since I posted on here. I had stage 2B small cell cervical cancer 3 years ago in sept 2018. I was successfully treated with chemo, radio and brachytherapy and finished treatment Jan 2019. I am now 46 years old and my kids are now aged 8 and 6. Thought I would let you ladies know I am doing well. In the past year thanks to HRT I feel like me again and would like to give you ladies hope that recovery is possible and doable. I still remember going through treatment with people not knowing what’s in front with this cancer being rare. I don’t think I will ever forget the words “if chemotherapy doesn’t work you will be palliative” after my friend asked what the prognosis was. But I am still here! Please feel free to ask me questions. When I look back I have no idea how I got through it as they slam dunked me with chemo but I did! One of my ways of battling fatigue when I started recovery was to get the music on in my kitchen whilst doing chores like loading the dishwasher. The kids loved it and danced around the table with me. It was a real pick me up that I totally recommend. We still do the dancing round the table now and then. Hope you all are doing ok as you can. Xxxxx


Thank you for your lovely story! So glad you’re doing well - and so important that you can give ladies on here hope not only about the cancer outcome but the menopause as well - so many are struggling in the early stages of this. Great to think of you dancing round the table with your children, enjoying being alive. Xx


Hi,lovely to hear your story.Thankyou for that.I also had 2b staging.Ive just had my scan and given the all clear! Still having a few after affects from treatment and get anxious about reoccurrence but trying to get on with my life the best i can xxx


Wonderful news, Debbiedoo! Congratulations on a NED scan! Xx

Thankyou xx

Hiya, recovery from treatment is real tough at times. If you need any support and want to ask me anything please do. My name is Melanie Kilbride on Facebook messenger. And on Instagram my name mkreclaimingmel. You can ask me on here. I am just not as good at navigating this site yet. Xx

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Hi Lauren, hows you. Have you had your scan yet? How are you feeling. I have been feeling breathless withthumpyheart.this happened on last chemo’s. They putme on beta blockers, still on them and gave me magnesium infusion. Came on monday for chemo oods and i had an x-ray and ct scan to check for bloods. They both came back clear and the ct scan shows no thercancer and spots tiny bit smaller. Dr said all good a d thespots had notgot any bigger which was really good. So all positive. The infusion made a little difference and having another infusion monday so lets hope that so helps. I am feeling very positive and am sure iam going to kickits

Sorry kick its arse,lol. Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking about you and your me know when you know whats on going on. I am in getti g my 3rd che.o today so half way through. Hoping you are good and being positive too. Susan xxx