New carboplatin and paclitaxel for 1b1/1b2

Hello! I have red this site ans i am glad i found it. After 2-3 years of mistakes from doctors, in may-june this year i got diagnosed with stage 1b cc. One doctor says 1b1 and another 1b2. I go with 1b2 since he is a great doctor. I am having 4 chemo carboplatin with paclitaxel before radical hysterectomy. It is going well since the doc saus the tumor is gone. I am 35 - hopping on 36 in octomber. My best for all of the ladies here! 


what country are you in 

this is something i havent heard before is this a new treatment to have carbo and taxol for such an early stage or do you have a rare type of cancer that wont respond to cisplatin  

it looks very promising if the tumor has gone have they asked you to trial this treatment or could this possibly be the way forward 

good luck with the radical hysterectomy i hope that when the op is over that you go on to have NED for many many years 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx


when I was first diagnosed I was offered a trial to have this before moving on to the chemorad with the cisplatin. I declined the troak for various reasons but I'm so happy to hear that you have responded so well. This is great if you do not have to have radiation to be cured. 

I hope all goes well for you



I am from Romania but for treatment i asked the opinion from doctors from many countries. I have squamous cell carcinoma - so not rare , but they say to be sure . I had MRI and PET before started treatment and the cancer was only in my cervix. They told me that it is a clinical trial for this . If it is gonna be ok , i hope it will help all the ladies . 

Love you all 




I want it to work because for cervical cancer the treatments are old :( this site is the only place on net that is helping ladies from all over the world. 

I will post here my results .

love and hope


Hello ladies!

I finished my 4 rounds of carboplatin paclitaxel chemo. I will have MRI and on first week of octomber my radical hy with keeping my ovaries. 

love ! 

Hello ladies!

Update on me : after my laparoscopic radical hysterectomy i had 5 brachy and now i finished my treatment. My hp report after radical hysterectomy was incredible ok , so my doc team was happy. No complications , everything ok. So, now, i will have check up after 6-7 weeks post brachy and a PET after 3 months. I hope i am NED for the rest of my life. 

A happy Christmas everyone and a happy new year! 


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