MRI and Ct scan


I am not sure sure if I am posting this in the right place so I am sorry if I am causing any inconveniences . My mom has been recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctor has requested an MRI scan to be performed and I was told that I will receive the results ( my mom doesn’t speak English so I always go with her for appointmenta, reason why I am the one that is being contacted)in two days, which will also explain the stage of cancer she has and what treatment plan will be followed.

I have not received any calls on the promised day, but received one two days after. The call was really confusing as the nurse didn’t want to tell me what the results of the MRI were even though this is what they said they will do once they contact me. However she said that my mom is due to have a CT scan to check the lungs/chest. This information got me really scared as in my mind it makes sense that MRI would have been enough for the staging of the cancer. My fear is that it is an advanced stage where it had spread to the lungs. 

If anyone had went through any similar experiences, can you please share your story. 

Thank you very much and sorry for the long writing as I am really anxious.


I am sorry to hear about your mom. But u have found a good place to talk to some great ladies that can answer alot of your question. When i first found out about my cc they did a whole body pet scan and a ct scan of my lungs to make sure i was clear and i was 2b. So they r probably doing the ct scsn as routine so they can be sure before starting treatment. Pray all goes well for u and your mom:-)

Hi Elenadan,

I'm sorry that you and your mum are in this situation and you deserve a massive hug for being her support right now as that isn't easy. As Mmouse above has said, the forum is a good place to come and talk and even have a vent if you need to.

Please don't think that a MRI and a CT mean anything nefarious. I was 1b1 and I had both a MRI and CT plus the EUA (examination under aneaesthetic) so that they could properly stage me even though they had a rough idea anyway. They would be a bit remiss and not doing their jobs properly if they didn't go through this process so just see the CT as an additional checking point, not a sign that something is even worse.

My thoughts are with you and your mum.






i had an MRI CT and exam under general. Everything gets checked to make uber sure. I was early stage too, and have now had all my treatment and I'm here to tell the tale. You probably know the results by now, but if not i hope this message calms your mind.