why mri? today its hit me

Just had app throuh for xray and mri, what does that mean, does it mean its spread? Im terrified. Ive only been a week diagnosed but now kts hit me j have


Hi there,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. The MRI will give the doctors a good picture of your tumour and will help them stage it. This will inform their decisions about treatment. An MRI will also be able to see if the cancer has spread to Lymph nodes. Tthey are doing all they can to getn you the best possible treatment. A cancer diagnosis is very scary but you will get through it. All the  very best.


Hi Mrs Hughes

When I was diagnosed I was sent for a MRI but as 365days said above, its just so they can get a good picture of it and confirm the stage.  Mine hadn't spread and I had just the Rad Hysterectomy with no chemo or radiotherapy.

Please try not to worry quite so much - my op was a year ago today and I'm doing fine now.  All my checks ups so far have been clear of cancer and I'm feeling good.  You will get through this, it won't be easy at times but it won't be all bad.  You'll get lots of help and support from the ladies on this site too.




I know how worrying it all is, but the scans are standard procedure. That's not to say it won't be worrying waiting for the results, but you are not being sent for them because they've seen 'something'. 

Do you have dates?

love, Molly xx

Thanks you all. Its so scary. My xray and mri are next week. They are hoping to operate in the next 4 but

What theyl do i dont know. I honestly freaked out today and i have a 3 year old to look after, im going 

To see my gp tomorrow see if he can calm me down somehow. 

This forum has been so helpful already.

Love and luck to you all x