Sorry im not sure where to post this :/


Hello everyone, I hope your as well as you can be :)

Its just a quick question really, sorry if its a silly question..

I got diagnosed just over 2 months ago with stage 1A1 cc, also GCIN was present which was crushing as you all can imagine, after LLETZS procedures (twice) I was finally given the all clear friday Laughing as you can imagine im absoultely made up, these few weeks have just been one big blur!!

Any how, my consultant mentioned I should have an MRI just to be extra positive that everything is fine, he assured me he thinks it is! My question is why didnt I have an MRI scan before be =ing given the all clear, now Im a bag of nerves again thinking they will find the C word somewhere else, I feel so ill and scared all over this normal to be given an MRI AFTER being told there is no more cancer???

Also I have now been given the option of a hysterectomy, I was all for it at first, as I have a beautiful 6 year old Son, but now im thinking should I have it done, am I being selfish towards my family if I dont eliminate the risk of it coming back, I am so so confused at the moment, I just dont know whats happening with me (again)

Do MRIs pick up all cancers,im petrified I will be told they found it somewhere elase now (sorry if im being silly)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

Jodie xxxx

Hi Jodie, I know it's a bit late after you posted this but just wondered how you got on with your MRI? I've had mine today so share the same worries and concerns of previously thinking that all cancer had gone and now I'm worrying there might be more there or somewhere else! X x