Lump and discharge

I had a smear test 8 months ago Completely normal

I started experiencing a watery smelly discharge from the end of summer. The doctor without testing said it was bv and I had antibiotics. This didn't clear it up and since have had two or three more lots of antibiotics as it comes and goes. I mainly have to wear a pad most days though as I am so wet (sorry tmi)

Then Thursday I found a lump on my cervix about the size of a pea hard lump. 

I am absolutely terrified. Do you think this is likely to be cancer? I am in my own eith three young children and I am terrified awaiting coloposy 



I’m pretty much the same as you but a little further along. 

I have heavy discharge, a lump on my cervix, matched with other symptoms. 

I was referred for an urgent colposcopy for 2 weeks time and called to go for transvaginal ultrasound prior to the colposcopy.


ive been to the ultrasound and I shall recieve the results on Wednesday at my colposcopy. 

I also have similar questions to you and unfortunately I can’t answer them. I didn’t want to read such a relatable post and not comment back. 

I really hope everything is ok for you! 


Hello Swalker93, how were your transvaginal ultrasound results? What happened?