Looking for help, advice or reassurance?

I’m 23 with a 3year old child. Been having strange pains in my lower stomach - excruciating pains after sex and my last period was unbearably painful, but also general pain and discomfort aswell. Constipation and nausea and off my food…and post coital bleeding. Not a gushing amount, but enough for me to notice, during and immediately after sex. My last two periods have been really weird. This has all been going on for two months.

I went to the Dr who told me that he would send me for a smear, if I were two years older. And instead was sent for swabs to test for infection, chlamydia being one of them- which came back normal three weeks ago, and a transvaginal ultrasound today - which showed fluid in my uterus (probably because am due on next week) and a cyst on my cervix. Which the sonographer made clear was ‘tiny’ (it’s 10mm so tiny) and she asked if the Dr had sent me for blood tests yet, hinted that he may do that as the next step.

I don’t know what to think, I don’t know if I should be worried?

Gp will get the scan results within the next 5-7 days… have tried to research it but the internet is not at all helpful.

Anyone help me? My mums trying to save up to pay for me to have a smear test done privately.

Comtact your local.ccg clinical.care group if u have genuine worries then please use your voice to shout for what u need. I was denyed a smear test since 19 and recently been diagnosed with cin3. Contact nhs england i am very much promoting smears be lowered. F.hewitt@nhs.net good luck xxx

I'm sorry I don't know a great deal about this kind of thing but I did manage to get a smear when I was 21 yrs old. Please do push for a smear, go and nag until you get one and don't let it drop. Smear tests need to be lowered asap they really do.

all the best


Update - 


I was referred to a gynae at hospital who I saw last week.


He did a smear straight away and an internal examination. Ouch. 


He's confident the smear will be normal...thinks that my menstrual cycle is aggravating my tilted utetus and that's what's causing the pain and irregular bleeding and thinks if Ihave the coil fitted it'll fix everything.


I'm still worried...i've had a tilted uterus seemingly all my life and had periods without this issue before. 

Stomach is so bloated I actually look pregnant... now I just have to wait for the smear results!