lletz treatment with different results

Hi ladies I was just wondering how many of you have had lletz treatment & had different results, wether good or bad, from what you were originally told. Am having Lletz in Friday and am already anticipating the results!! Xxx 

Hi Leanda

Good luck for Friday. The procedure is over with very quickly and some lucky ladies get tea and biscuits.

My smear was severe (CIN3) and my biopsy after LLETZ agreed with that diagnosis. Didn't stop me freaking out waiting though :-)

Hope this helps reassure you


Hey sweetie,  you will be fine on Friday. It really is easier said than done but try to keep calm and keep everything in perspective.  My smear came back with severe changes,  mu biopsy said cin3 query cc... I had lletz under ga because my cervix didn't want to play ball and kept hiding when they tried to do it under local.  I waited 14 days for my results which they said they were rushing through and it came back cin1 mild changes .I went through every emotion and the beautiful girls on here were there every step.  You will always find a sympathetic ear here :) all the best sweetie xxx