Leg / walking issues

Hey I am now 1 Year in remission from cervical cancer and have been back to work since last June so my life is back to normal again. Really I should be happy to be all clear but my mobility since finishing treatment is so annoying, I feel like an old woman at 32 years of age! I really struggle walking long distances and any stairs or hills are just exhausting, even getting up out of a chair takes massive effort!
I have mentioned this in my check ups & I have been told I have both radiation damage in one hip & worrying signs of osteoporosis in the other hip so I am medication to build the bone strength back up but it’s not even my hips that’s causing issues it’s the bottom of my legs they just feel so weak & tense all the time & I feel like I could fall in a heap! Does anyone else feeling like this?

Stage 2b Pelvic lymph node positive
11 lymph nodes removed
5 x chemo
23 x radiotherapy
3 x brachytherapy

Diagnosed October 2015
All clear April 2016
3 x MRI all clear

Hi. I think we are roughly at the same point in our journey.  I have tense legs and sore feet, it's often an effort to get up. I keep as active as possible hoping that it will help. I've been going to exercise classes and I do lots of walking and although it's harder than pre treatment,  I can keep up with my friends..I know I've not helped really but just wanted to say that you're not alone x 

Hey I'm the same part of journey as Yous and I'm the same I've been for scans on my legs and hips and came back with nothing I said again  in my last check up a couple of weeks ago and they want to do more scans I'm off work as I work in the schools and running about after children and it's not a good combination with my legs and hips I end up in bed the full weekend after working a week not good not a life in bed 

Hi there. 

I often have sore feet, the achiness is only toned down by Advil. I was going to discuss this at my next appointment, it's funny because some days they hurt like hell and other days not at all. Stretching helps, staying hydrated is key but I can't quite figure it out but i suspect it's a menopausal thing. I also get sore where my legs bend more then at my hips. If I rest too much they hurt more then staying active..... Let us all know if you sort it out. 


I am the same.  I struggle to keep up with people my hips are so stiff since finishing treatment. .  I am about 18 months post treatment for recurrent cervical cancer , the chemo and radiotherapy made me so sick daily and I spent a lot of time in bed which also has effected my quads.  I also can not sit for long as my hips kind of freeze until I get moving again.  I am back at work full time but try to swim and walk as often as I can ,  I am really worried I'm going to need a walking stick or something soon !! Something I am keen to avoid .  

It might be worth you seeing a physiotherapist , who can teach you stretching and stregthening  exercises which you can then do yourself at home.  


Take care 

greeni xx

I have similar issues as well! I've noticed that when I take my vitamins D and other anti-inflammatory supplements I manage much better. I spoke with my doctor today and the only advice at this point is to be diligent with eating healthy and taking the supplements.

Thanks everyone, really helps to know I am not alone in feeling like this! And yeah I've been contemplating a cane myself, my friends offer to pimp one out for me lol!

My mums just been diagnosed again for the 3rd time (in 4 years-cancer sucks!!) so things are pretty rubbish so at least I know my legs thing seems to be pretty normal as I was worried it was signs of something else

Ive added additional vitamins in to my diet and will maybe look to starting some light yoga or something like that to maybe help build my leg strength up! I have another check up soon so I'll keep pestering them about it! 

Take care everyone xxx


I finished my treatment a year ago and am exactly the same. If I have a rare lazy day or am working on my computer a lot then I seize up and if I be active then I have the sore hips/thighs and ankles....no winning! I must say though that I go to Yoga at my local Maggies Centre and it's so beneficial, better than any pills so I'd highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you just do some gentle stretches everyday, you'll be sure to feel a difference.