Kidney issues


I have a urology appoinment next week, they will be looking at stents. Hopefully stents and not a urostomy.

What should I expect from this appointment? Anyone with any experience?

Also has anyone had to have stents post treatment and what symptoms did you have ?

Thank you all x

Hi @xxHHxx
I know you said stents post treatment but I had one put in before treatment… I’d imagine the urology appointments to be similar.
When I first had stent placed, I went to hospital for day surgery, was put to sleep, they do a CT scan and place stent in then wake up in recovery.
It’s a very quick procedure.
Feel a bit achy for a day of two after and had some Hematuria (I’d even get this after exercise with the stent due to it rubbing)
Once it was in Place and settled it was ok, the odd twinge here and there but not painful.
Hope this helps in some way xx

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Hi Akj

Thank you for your reply, it does help!

Did it relieve any pain you were having in relation to your kidneys and what did the pain feel like?

I’m so glad you said you exercise, that is one thing that has been worrying me. I do hiit classes and thought it may be too strenuous?!

Glad to hear it settles though, have they mentioned periodically changing it to you? Xx

Pain was definitely much better once I got it in!
My tumour was pressing on ureter so blocking flow and kidney function went down, was also so painful in my flank I knew something was wrong!
Was a relief once they put it in.
Mine was to be changed every 3 months, I just went to have it changed or taken out (depending on how my function was) last week but they took ended up taking it out… so hoping this means my cancer is gone :crossed_fingers:t3:
Exercise wise, I love to exercise normally but with how I was feeling before treatment and during I didn’t do a lot until a couple of weeks after chemorads when I started to get some
Energy so I had had stent for a bit.
Double check about the hiit but I do
go for long walks, do some running, palates and lug around my 12kg baby :crazy_face:
But the Hematuria would always be there after it and then subside, not painful just annoying to see.
How are you feeling now?
Are you in pain?

I’m so glad for that you have had it removed!
Great news, fingers crossdd for you, when is your next scan?

12kg baby… that is definately exercise in it self!!!

I have pain in my groin, and hip , could be kidney area! Numbness in my inner thigh!

Does it sound weird that I cant wait for it to be put in, maybe the pain will stop.

I’ve just had PET scan and get results next week,
I have the worst anxiety about it :disappointed:

Yeah I get that, anything to help with the pain!
I hope it all goes well, let us know how you go xx