So worried

Today i went to have my kidney drains removed they where only able to remove one as the other one the pipe was 2 narrow n the urine wasn’t passing to my bladder enough does this mean my tumour still pressing on my pipe x

Hello Helpme It's more than likely scar tissue or fibrous tissue that is compressing your ureter. I'm not sure what they do next. I'm sure it's lovely to get them out. What have they said is next?

Maybe  an internal  stent or change  the  tube  for the nephostomy  n b stuck  with  it longer  i am  happy  that  one gone  i was  lookin forward  to both  bein gone  i go on hol in bout 4 weeks n was  hoping to be able  to go swimmin with  ny daughter  im dying  for a bath  only  hsd  strip washes since  jan its not  the  same I'm  sorry  to moan  again  x


when you say you've had tubes/stents and your kidneys are draining correctly - do you mean you've had a pipe coming out your bag and draining into a bag or that you've had stents inserted into your kidneys into your bladder? I've had both so can offer so help/advice....

my cancer is advanced and cancer had begun to grow in one of my kidney tubes so to stop my tubes from blocking I had internal stents put in to drain into my bladder which worked as they opened the tube. I then ended up in hospital with an infection (one of many) and they did a scan which showed that the stent in my left kidney was blocked (your kidneys dispense of crap which you won't see when you wee unless you have a bag then you can see it) so due to this I had to have a external tube inserted to drain my kidney to stop it from dying and then they changed my stents (they're suppose to be changed every 6 months I'd had mine for 14 months).

i now have neither and fingers crossed won't have to have them again but I do have a stoma which is because I have a fistula (hole between my cervix and bladder) and it was my choice to have this - if you would like to talk more you can message me - I'm not always on here so please don't think I'm ignoring you xxx

I have  external drain ( nephostomy) i did have bilateral  nephostomy  until  yesterday  when  they  removed  the  left  one but when  they  put the  contrast in  left  one  i got pain  in my belly  instantly  n it was  draining  extremely  slowly  so my kidney was  becoming  distended  again  so they  left  the  right one  in x