Just diagnosed at stage 2b

Oh god my heads all over the place at the minute. I was originally told that my 4x4cm tumour would be felt with with a Hysterectomy but after seeing the consultant yesterday he said it’s spread to the top of my vagina and that I’m going to have to have chemo and radiotherapy instead. I’m due to get a needle biopsy in one of my lymph nodes on Thursday, does this mean it could be even worse staging wise? Or will it still be stage 2b?

Hi there Unicorns,

Try not to panic. I know it's easy for everyone else to say that, but it won't actually change anything about your results. It might mess with your head at a time when you've got to absorb a lot of important practical information AND psychological reactions. The key thing is, that it's been found & identified and you are well on your way to getting it dealt with. *Deep breath!*

Your medical team are doing the right thing by checking exactly where the rogue cells might have got to. I had lymph node involvement, but mine was clearly seen on MRI scan so they didn't bother with a biopsy. One of my pelvic nodes was so big it badly affected my walking, but I remained staged at 2b because no other organs were involved and my cervical tumour remained within the size parameters for 2b. The treatment (chemoradiation) will be much the same whatever happens. It's good stuff, obviously you wouldn't choose this sequence of events, but it's completely doable.

You are in the right place to ask questions and get honest answers from loads of ladies who have been through, or are going through the treatment right now. It's hard - but try to stay off google, it will only frighten the bejeebus out of you and most of the data is at least five years out of date. Chemotherapy doses, mixes & delivery and radiotherapy technology has moved on a lot in that time and you aren't a statistic in some box, you are uniquely you and that counts for a lot.

This period of establishing specific diagnosis details & waiting is generally acknowledged by most ladies, to be the hardest time. You know something is wrong, the C word has been used and now your team seem to be diddling about with tests & scans & team meetings when all you want to do is start the treatment and get the bloody thing out of you as fast as possible! This time will pass, just remind yourself that this bit happens so you have exactly the right treatment  with radiotherapy that targets exactly the right places. 

You can do this, and there's a bunch of people in here who can help you along. :)


Thankyou so much for replying Cheery, your're right, I just want to get on with treatment asap. I know it's not a fast growing cancer but every day without doing anything about it makes me worry that it's spreading.  I feel a bit more positive at the minute after reading through other peoples stories. 

What's chemoradiation like? Did your hair fall out? I know it's far from the most important thing to be worried about right now but I'm just wondering what to expect. I'm hoping I'll be able to carry on working during it, so far work have been brilliant and I can have up to 6 weeks on full pay if I need it. I've heard it really affects your nails too so I've bought nail oils hoping that it will help to some extent 

Hi Unicorns 

I was thought to be a 1b1 but after a radical hysterectomy i was told a 2b. It took about 1 month for me to have surgery. Then had to wait 5 weeks to heal to start chemo amd radiation. I know all the worrying is awful i still worry but it will get a little better. I did not lose my hair it got thinner bit did not fall out. My chemo day was differen then most i was there for 8 hours every monday. I would get bloods done on saturday so ready for monday. I would get there at 8 a.m get iv . They would start with hydration and then I would go down to get my radiation with my pole, where I would just pull down my pants and lay on the table for about 5 minutes then go back to chemo and get my steroids and then they would start my nausea medicine and then I would get my chemo and then another hour of hydration and then I would leave about 4. I didnt not have too many side effect just some  tiredness and bloating from chemo and then some diarrhea from radiation which the Imodium stopped. I hope does well. Keep us updated:-)

Thanks Mmouse, that’s reassuring. The last couple of days I’ve had really severe pain around my abdomin and back and no amount of painkillers seem to be shifting it. I can’t get in to see my doctor until Thursday, I don’t know how I’m going to manage until then. Its so bad that it’s keeping me awake at night and I’m only managing 3-4 hours sleep. Really heavy bleeding started again yesterday too so I don’t know what’s going on