Incomplete excision after lletz

Hi guys

I just my LLETZ results back and it was just CIN3 thank goodness but the excision (I assume margins?) was incomplete I’m so gutted I’ve been referred back for a test of cure in 6 months and I’m terrified the remaining cells will turn into cancer in the meantime.

I also desperately want children so I’m gutted and really do not want another LLETZ treatment .has anyone has incomplete excisions of Cin 3 and had positive results at 6 months?

Also why am I being left if they didn’t get it all?

Hi @hollygirl3857

As much as we dont like it this is part of the protocol, if the remainder could turn to cancer in the the mean time or they atleast wernt happy with what they had removed, rest assured you would be called in for further treatment instead of offering the test of cure… as we are 2 to 5 times more likely to experience CC after a LLETZs, they wouldnt mess about with stuff like that since they would open themselves up for a lawsuit as it would end up being their fault otherwise

When removing abnormalities, if they discover margins havnt been met, they look at the sample (the abnormalities dont form a perfect circle) and determine whether or not the wire would have burnt away the remainder and if it hadnt we are called in to remove the remainder

Margins were unknown with my treatment, all that was said was that they were happy with what they had removed and when i asked my GP they were none the wiser… even my TOC smear that was sent off was reported as “margins not known” both the GP and the smear nurse did reassure me they would have removed enough and my TOC did come back negative for HPV so im on a 3 year recall (next smear due sep25) but as they use HPV testing as a primary if we are negative, even at test of cure, they dont check the sample further xx

@Tinkerbelle29 thank you so much for the reply, this is quite reassuring.

I am just relieved no CC was found hidden in the sample and no CGIN either. As the colposcopist mentioned possible CGIN but there’s been no mention of that on the LLETZ report thank goodness!

They’ve clearly made this decision not to treat again yet for a reason I guess I need to learn to trust the doctors. Now I can forget about it until the TOC.