Hysteroscopy recommended but I have no womb?

Hi, I’m 39 and have a history of complex endometriosis, ovarian torsion and haemorrhagic cysts.
I got sterilised at 27, subtotal hysterectomy at 30 (womb and tubes removed and patches of endo off bladder, refused my request to take everything as I was too young to lose ovaries and losing cervix would make sex less enjoyable - which I’ve now learnt is bs!)
At 37 I had ovarian torsion and haemorrhage cyst rupture causing massive internal bleeding so that was removed under urgent surgery.
Last year (38) I had my other ovary removed and as much endometriosis as could safely be removed, annoyingly still refused to remove cervix.
Due to years of endo I’m used to pain in my back and pelvis. In Nov 23 (39 now, had been on hrt 9 months) I had some spotting, sometimes after sex, sometimes randomly, saw GP thinking remaining endo + hrt must be cause, examined me, saw a patch on cervix that bled on contact, 2ww referral.
Gynae oncology didn’t even examine me, said it would be down to my hrt and would recommend a change.
Boxing Day I had blood flooding out of me, heavier than when I used to get periods. Some more spotting, some more heavy bleeds, back to gp figured new hrt must be causing it. She examined me, could see patch on cervix, another 2ww referral. End of jan, same gynae dr reluctantly examined me and said he could see patch but is probably ectropian referred to colposcopy.
Almost 2 weeks ago colposcopy, could see cell changes on cervix asked for permission to take biopsy, agreed, told results in 4 weeks by letter.
2 days ago got an electronic letter for appointment with gynae in March, no indication for what, rang outpatients they could only confirm they’d received a referral request and the clinician appointments with.
Looked on NHS app today after ordering repeat meds just to see if any clue on there and it says the colposcopist taken biopsy action recommended hysteroscopy, from what I’ve googled (daft I know) it’s to look in the womb, but I literally don’t have a womb? Would it be to check like inside the cervix or something? Anyone else with no womb just cervix remaining had this? Hysteroscopy wasn’t mentioned to me at colposcopy, just the biopsy and letter in 4 weeks.
Sorry for the long post, appreciate any replies xx


You’re right, the hysteroscopy procedure is a small camera which goes up to look inside the womb. Are they aware you don’t have a womb? The reason I ask is that I went for a surgery last year and was asking some questions and it transpired that it wasn’t noted in my records that I had had my bladder removed! When I was in hospital, a nurse then came to give me rectal antibiotics without knowing I’ve also had my rectum removed!

So my point is that records are not always “joined up” and information from one hospital or clinic is often not communicated to another.

I don’t know if the hysteroscopy would be done to look at the cervix itself, but could you call to make them aware of your situation and ask the question?

I’m going to call on Monday to try and speak with someone who can explain to me the reason why when I don’t have a womb - I couldn’t today as it’s half term and I’ve got a young teenager at home with it being half term and I’ve not said anything to him because there’s no point him worrying if it’s nothing to worry about.
The colposcopist read through my notes prior to the colposcopy and when he’d finished the examination and biopsy he was properly angry on my behalf that the original subtotal hysterectomy was subtotal rather than total and that at my last surgery they didn’t remove it then either!
So yeah, I think I’ll try the clinic on Monday and see if I can get some clarification.
Thank you for taking the time to respond to me xx