Hysterectomy after trachelectomy (and lymphoedema)

Hi Ladies,

I have not been on this website for a good few years now and so am a little rusty as to where I should be putting my posts etc.  So hopefully this is the right place for my question:-

I had a radical trachelectomy 7 years ago but now I am over 40 and after many years of very painful periods, I have requested and been granted a hysterectomy (yay!!!)

I have lymphoedema now and was hoping that after the hysterectomy, the swelling in my leg may not be quite so bad as it's around my period that my swelling becomes much worse.  I suppose I am clutching at straws but there really is a huge difference in my lymphoedema around the time of the month and so I'm PRAYING that without the monthly swell-up, my lymphoedema may be more manageable?

Many thanks, Kay ;-)

Hi there just looking round trying to find something to do with lymphoedema, how do you 

Hi Kay I have just come across your post.  I am 8 years post trachelectomy and over the past year or so have had lots of issues with periods and spotting lasting 3 weeks at a time.  My gyn says that this is due to the trachelectomy and he has recommended a hysterectomy now.  I wondered how yours went? I know that they can be quite tricky.  Hope you get this!  L