Hpv negative still referred for colposcopy


I am wondering if anyone has had similar results? 

I have had abnormal smears consistency for the last 8-9 years resulting in numerous colposcopies and 3 Lletz procedures. I had my last smear on march 2nd and results 5 weeks later which stated I was negative for HPV but showed cell changes and would be receiving another colposcopy appointment within 8 weeks. My understanding is if I tested negative I would be then place back on the 3 yearly National screening program.I spoke with my GP who said the changes where only borderline and she's unsure as to why my sample was tested further than just for HPV.

I have not received a colposcopy appointment as yet but cannot seem to find any info online about being negative for HPV & having abnormal cells since the new way of testing has came out. From what I've read ladies who have had roughly the same history as me have been put back on the National screening program if they are HPV-ve



Should also add that was advised at last Lletz It would be advisable to have hysterectomy if I was ever referred back in the future?

Hi Little Missy,

I've written a post about this and if you click on my username and go to the post 'No CIN but abnormal cell changes' (or something!) as your experience sounds similar to mine? 

I think as you've had a previous history of abnormal cell changes, they still look at the cytology for cell changes even though your test for HPV 16 and 18 was negative.  There are other strains of HPV that cause cell changes but these are not tested for, I think because they are less likely to turn cells cancerous.

It's good they are keeping a close eye on you if you've had that previous history and they maybe want to do a check, possibly decide if any abnormal cells should be removed.

Hpv is a tricky virus though with it being able to go dormant etc but maybe your immune system has cleared it.

Hopefully you can ask some questions at your colposcopy that might help too.

Hope that and my other post help.

All the best xxx


I've just read your response and just wanted to check, when you have your smear do they check for HPV and cell changes ? Or if the HPV is negative they do not do any further tests ? 

Sorry Littlemissy unfortunately I cannot offer any advice as I'm confused myself. Hope your doing ok ?? 


Hi VAM85,

As I've had a history of abnormal smear tests and have recently had a LLETZ treatment, when I get my next smear they will check for both HPV and check cells for abnormalities, regardless of whether HPV positive or negative.

I've been told if negative and no cell changes I'll then go back to usual recalls which I'm a bit nervous about as I'm over 50 and that might be then be every 5 years.

Hope that helps! 



Thanks it does, I had a smear last April that was negative HPV , but had an examination last week where the doctors saw lesions on my cervix so has referred me to colposcopy. I asked him if they were there when I had my smear test last year would they know from the swab if  they only test for HPV not abnormal cells , he said if it was cancer it would have been highlighted when they tested it. But from what I've read everywhere is if you are HPV negative then they do no further tests. 
Thank you for replying , I'm glad they keep a closer eye on people that have had previous abnormal smears/cells 


Hi ladies thanks very much for the replies. I am still no further forward really as I am still awaiting a colposcopy appointment😣 I am glad they are keeping a close eye on things but feeling quite frustrated with all the waiting! Which I really should be used to by now