Housebound and no smear

Hi everyone
My health deteriorated in 2018. Ive been pretty much housebound since 2020. I’m 2 years overdue a smear test but no Dr in my area will do one at home. If i go out, i have a diagnosis that mean all 4 limbs become paralysed.
Anyone have any suggestions, because I’m all out.
Ive been through the NHS complaints procedure in 2021 and got nowhere. I contacted my local MP and got nowhere.
Desperate for some answers.

Hi @Craftymiss

This is disgraceful and im so sorry you are being treated this way :purple_heart:

I might not be of much help, i just didnt want to read and run… in the short term, do you have the means to do a home HPV test? Its not the best option and its not a replacement smear, but it could give you that peace of mind with HPV… with NHS smears if your negative for the virus they wont check the sample for abnormal cells

Have you looked into going private? Its not fair that you even need to consider other options, surely it can be classed as negligence? Anybody who is entitled to a smear should be able to access one

I hope you can get some answers :pray: jos helpline may be able to give better advice xx

Hi @Tinkerbelle29
Thank you for replying.
Unfortunately, no i don’t have the means to do a home HPV test. I think it would worry me more to know that there is something wro g and the Drs won’t help. On the other side of the coin, its the not knowing at all whats going on. I dont want to be finding out when its too late.

I can’t afford private either. I would have thoight it is classed as negligence and even descrimination, but apparently they are following a different law that overrides the discrimination equality act 2010. I don’t know what a 'clinical decision’is, but theyve said about health and safety and that’s what has got thrm out of the discrimination law.

I have given Jos helpline a call a few months ago and the options available are not viable to me. If i remember rightly, they suggested options for going to get it (can’t do) or buy the test (which also can’t do).

Thanks again xx

Hi Craftymiss

I’m so sorry to hear about your predicament.

Maybe the Patient Advice and Liason Service or Citizens Advice can advise?


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Hi @Jazza

Thank you for your reply.
I went through the NHS complaints procedure in 2021.
I’ve restarted the ‘fight’ in November last year and they still insist they can not do home smears.
They are saying there is no service in my local area that will offer a home smear.

I spoke with EASS recently and they said that if they are not doing the smear due to ‘health and safety’ reasons, then i can’t even go down the discrimination route.


I’m sure it’s because they have to ensure sterile conditions. But then again maybe you could ask your District/Community Nurse to do it?
No GP will come out on a house call these days for something like that, but I do feel it’s appalling that you’re not being offered a smear at home. Surely this is disability discrimination and if you are registered disabled surely they have a duty to try to find a solution.
Good luck x

Hi @Lally
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, thats what they are saying, but when one of the options is to buy a kit (can’t afford one), surely thats not 100% sterile?
I’ll try looking for a number. I had a brief look today and it said you need to be referred. Well, apparently there is no service in my area that can accommodate me.
I don’t ask the GP for anything unless i absolutely have no other option (always been like that).
I’ve had a cough for nearly 3 weeks and not asked the Dr for anything.
Apparently they are following a law that overrides disability discrimination in the fact they are using ‘health and safety’.
I’m not safe if i go out, but apparently thats ok.

I’m not sure if I’m registered disabled. I do get disability benefits, but thats it. How do i know if I’m registered?

The only options available they can offer is to go out and get it ie hospital, the GP practice or buy a test.

Thank you x