The worst time of the year...

Well it's that time again! 

Smear time! After having cin 3 in 2009, successfully removed. I have been all clear for my 2 smears that were 6 monthly, as well as my 2 yearly smears since, this will be my 3rd. Why do I still panic? Every single time! :(

So I had the test yesterday. Here goes 2 stressful weeks of waiting! 
What I was wondering, seeing the new nhs leaflets on the hpv test element of the smear, it states that if someone is hpv negative they will be referred back to 3 yearly smears, but I haven't been. 
All my smear letters have stated all clear, yet I'm still recalled each year.
Does anyone know why? Or are my hpv test results not part of the letter I get and I just haven't been told?
Oh confusion!!
Anyway girls, I hope you are all well xxx 

Hi there, 

I feel you for - the waiting and tress is no joke.

HPV testing is still very new and nowadays if a smear has any abnormalites the sample it's also tested for HPV. This dictates how women are managed now, ie if you'd never had an abnomal smear but this was your first, if the HPV test was negative even though there are abnomaliies you'd still be on routine screening. Which I think is pretty scary personally. 

As you're being managed on the 'old' pathway post-treatment with yearly smears, it's possible you may continue to get called up annually - this is what's happening with my friend who had treatment around the same time as me. Your GP might know the answer, you could give them a call?

Hope this helps and that your next result is clear x