High Risk HPV+

Hi there,

I am 30 years old and received my first abnormal smear at the age of 21. I had only been with one sexual partner at that point in time (a quite abusive person who caused me a lot of trauma). I tested positive for HPV 56 and 68. I finally had a colposcopy 2 years ago but the changes were minimal - nothing to worry about according to my previous gynae. I since had 2 more routine pap smears (HR HPV 68 disappeared for 1 year but has decided to reappear again).

I have gone for my second colposcopy with a new gynae yesterday and am awaiting results. Apparently there was a lesion on my cervix but she couldn’t determine what type. I am terrified and can’t seem to shake the fear associated with HR HPV.

I’m hoping the results come back as somewhat okay as I would like to have children one day and I have read a LEEP can complicate that. I have ordered papilocare and AHCC, to add to my current vitamins. Does anyone have any advice for things I can do to help shake this HPV?

I’m afraid I will spend the rest of my life just watching and waiting while hpv progresses and I run out of options to overcome it.

I am vaccinated, I have been sexually abstinent for over a year, I exercise, I don’t smoke, I eat healthy and take vitamins, I get adequate rest and although life is stressful at times - I closely manage it. What else can I be doing? Beyond that, now I am concerned for HR HPV being present in other places (throat, mouth, etc).

Any advice, support or optimism would be greatly appreciated.

Hiya, I just wanted to send some positive thoughts your way. Hopefully your body will just clear the HPV on its own. I’ve had normal smears for the past 20 years but last year’s showed HR HPV & abnormal cells, easier said than done but the best thing we can do is try & stay positive. :slight_smile:

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Hi I’ve no experience of being hpv positive but I had CIN 3 cells removed back in my twenties and went on to have two routine pregnancies and natural births . I was monitored carefully because my cervix was shortened due to letz but just wanted to reassure you that even if you do require treatment it will hopefully not affect you having a family . I know that you will be worried but it is such a good thing that these tests and vaccines have developed and cc rates are much lower . Sending you hugs please let us know how you get on.

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Thank you! I appreciate it, fingers crossed for us.

Thank you for sharing, hearing a positive story definitely puts my mind at ease. It’s nice to know it doesn’t have to negatively impact the future, especially when having a family. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the support!

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I think you are doing all you can. I have been doing the same and feel so much better for doing so. I have stopped drinking alcohol too and increased the amount of water I take. In terms of supplements, folate and green tea extract and indole carbinol is supposed to be good alongside multivitamin. Papilocare vaginal gel may also help. I think it’s also important to make sure you don’t have thrush or BV as these can impede us getting rid of HPV. Apart from that we just have to hope. Sending lots of positive wishes to everyone xx