First smear result- hpv positive but normal cells


I’m writing this post to get a bit of reassurance. I have today had the results back from my first smear test of which they say ‘high- risk HPV but cells normal’. As this is my first smear I feel I’ve been thrown in the deep end with no explanation and have seen HPV on my letter and panicked. I am within the age range that I was vaccinated for HPV in school. I tested positive for HSV (genital) in early 2020 but worried now this may be affecting it. I’ve been with my partner 4 years and didn’t have a crazy younger life in terms of sexual partners.

I’ve been told to come back in a years time for a repeat but I’m really concerned now as I’m still young about getting pregnant in the future and lots of thoughts going round in my head.

Any words of advice/ reassurance regarding my results would be very much appreciated as it has gotten me quite down.

Hi there, i was HPV positive March 22 and again March 23, was referred for colposcopy which i had Wednesday. They couldn’t see anyrhing concerning, took some biopsies and booked me in for a smear again in a year in the colposcopy unit rather than with GP. It waa all very calm and very much a preventative expeeience. I too had no abnormal cell changes, just HPV and i was given a leafler on papiliocare which i plan to use before next smear. I was so worried beforehand, couldn’t sleep and really worked myself up into a panic but Im much more calm since the colposcopy even though i am waiting on biopsy resultS. Try not to overthink it and if you are very concerned maybe talk to your GP. Wishing you the very best,xx

I had the same results. I was confused too. May of 22 and May of 23. I asked a TON ot questions. My doctor said because i am 30 or older i have to have a colposcopy…that is the new regulation. If you test positive for a high risk HPV and are 30 or older the nect step is a colp. She said it just precautionary. But she also saif it wont affect me getting pregnant…i have a colposcopy scheduled for Friday this week.a bit nervous. I was also told the pap only swabs one small area so they are just tryijg to take a deeper all over look just to be safe.