High Risk HPV but no abnormal cell changes

Hi everyone, so November last year I was diagnosed with high risk HPV and low grade cell changes on my first smear at 25 so I was invited for a Colposcopy, after the Colposcopy the doctor found no cell changes and could only see the HPV. However, I have been told to not go back for a smear for another 3 years, I presume this is because it can take 2 years for your body to clear up the virus, but it was always my understanding that if high risk HPV was detected you should be invited back the year after ? 

I mentioned at the Colposcopy clinic, will I not need to come back next year and the doctor said no we'll see you in 3 years as normal, should I query this further at my GP? I've read my medical documents online sent to the GP but it just says the same as what I was told, only HPV found and to refer for smear in 3 years

Any advice would be great xxx

I would query this as my understanding is that if high risk hpv is present you should have a follow-up in one year.

Let us know what they say.


Being a bit of a data-y process-y gal, I looked up the offical pathways for people referred to colposcopy, and I think that with a negative colposcopy/biopsy result, 36 months for a follow-up is the offical recommendation: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/856972/Screening_and_colposcopy_pathways.pdf

I looked on NHS digital for data and the cervical screening program. You can view it here: 


In section 2: cervical cytology, the section regarding 'changes to the cervical screening program' it states:

"Women who have a HPV positive screen with a cytology negative result, will be recalled in 12 months for a further screen. Women who have a HPV positive screen with an abnormal cytology result are referred to colposcopy."


Seems a bit odd that you would have a yearly recall with this result from a smear test, but three year recall with the same result from colposcopy.