High Risk HPV

I had a Pap smear in february. From that I had  an abnormal Pap smear result with high risk hpv letter issued in April 2015.


next, i was sent for colopscopy in late may 2015 .


results came back from colopscopy in June as normal - so I was told everything fine, no need to do anything except come back for pap smear in three years.


how can I go from having a Cancer strain hpv and abnormal smear to just need a normAl 3year pap?


dr was lovely and assured my results were normal so I'm confused ...I did start taking echinacea , garlic and vitamin c when I found out though, and I also slept more at bed time to rest and tried to stress less in general. Is it possible my body fought it?





Hi there

It's possible that your abnormal smear was at the very mild end of abnormal, and these kind of changes can and do revert to normal on their own.

If high risk HPV is present, they will send you for colposcopy anyway, to make sure that there is nothing worse to be seen. I think that this is because the virus is associated with cell changes so if you have high risk hpv you're probably more likely to end up with unwanted abnormal cells.

Mine for example took a different route: abnormal 'borderline' smear with HPV, told that was the mildest of the mild and that colposcopy is just a precaution, but it did in fact show up via biopsies CIN2 (moderate changes) for which I am awaiting treatment.

I read that most people clear HPV from their body naturally within a couple of years, so it's likely that by the time you have your next smear, it will be gone. I can see why you'd be worried over a 3 year wait though, as I think I would be too. Some ladies on here have paid for a private annual smear test, just for peace of mind

hope that helps


Thanks for replying!

I have decided that I will go back one year later - if it has to be private that's fine. 


My health is worth it :)


Thanks for sharing your story.