Hello everyone,
I’m 23 and I have been experiencing 20lbs of unexplained weight loss, lower back pain, extreme fatigue, and severe nausea. I also have been bleeding lightly everyday for three weeks. Before the bleeding I would bleed during and after intercourse very randomly throughout the month for several months and would have pain like my cervix was being ripped open during intercourse. Went to the dr and realized I am over a year late for my papsmear. They did one and said they found multiple vesicles on my cervix and two masses. They didn’t say what the masses looked like. The middle/inside of my cervix is also really red. She said to go ahead and expect a colposcopy to be scheduled when the results come back from my pap. My ovaries are also very tender when they push down on them. I should get my pap results in a couple more days hopefully. With my cervix being the way it is and the symptoms I’m having I’m really worried. She said to go ahead and expect to be HPV positive since 90% of people my age are. Anyone have a similar situation or any advice?