Cancer scare

Hi was wondering if anyone could help me or had similar experiences… I’m 29 with 3 kids, youngest is 8. 3 years ago i had a smear come back with hpv+ was supposed to have regular smears every 12 months which i didn’t keep up. The last year iv been having very very heavy periods and i bleed most days out of the month now, constant back ache, nausea, stomach cramps, bleeding after sex and pain, constantly needing a wee. went to the drs they done a smear last week still waiting for the results, i already have hydrslphinx ( blocked tubes). Went to the drs yesterday she examined me and said i have something on my cervix she’s not sure if it’s an ectropion or something more sinister so referred me for a urgent gyne appointment under the 2 week wait. Stressing out big time. Thankyou

Hi Eileen
Sorry to hear you are so stressed it’s understandable when you are on a short wait time
A short wait time does not necessarily mean cancer. It’s just the process
There are all sorts of non-cancerous conditions that can affect the cervix
The Jos Trust site has some information about some of them.
Please update us when you have you appt

There are some free meditations online which you could try when you have some downtime maybe when the kids are in bed x

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Hi so i went for my colposcopy today. They had a good look and put some iodine on my cervix which showed lots of abnormal patches that changed to like a yellow white colour, had 4 biopsies now just gotta wait for the results

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Hopefully you’ll get your biopsy results soon, the waiting is horrid. Hoping it will just be CIN and you can have LLETZ treatment. All the best to you, and feel free to ask any questions. Let us know how you’re getting on when you know x

Yeah it’s the waiting that is probably worse than the results! How long do biopsy results take do you no at all? Also what else could it be

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I don’t know how long sadly, depends where you are based as it can vary across the UK. You could always give them a call and ask how long roughly they think it’ll be.
I think if it’s shown up on the iodine it’s likely to be CIN (did they say anything to you at the time about what they suspected when they took the biopsies at all, did they mention ecotopian at the colposcopy? They should have known if it was that by looking I think? Don’t quote me on it tho!) even if it’s CIN it could be CIN1 in which case they’ll keep an eye on you and maybe not do treatment yet. So many unknowns really :disappointed:
Have you given Jos Helpline a ring lovely? X

Hi thankyou for replying, i asked him if he thinks it’s an ectropion he said it could or couldn’t be so no help there really! Does an ectropion glow yellow on the iodine test though or only cn1 2 3 etc? He also took 2/3 pictures i see them printed in my notes,