I’m so confused and scared!

Hello ladies

I’ll try and keep this as brief as I can, 2 weeks ago I had a smear test done after approaching my doctor with symptoms including, bleeding between periods, persistent cramping, pain and bleeding during and after sex as well as chronic fatigue and lower back pain. My smear results came back saying negative for HPV so they have no need to screen for cell changes, despite my symptoms. Another test showed that I had (possible) BV which they gave me antibiotics for, which appears to have cleared some but not all my symptoms. Then today I received a phone call from my doctor saying that I had elevated CA125 levels which may indicate a problem with my ovaries, and that he’s referred me for an urgent ultrasound. I have been given so much conflicting information and feel like I’m being pushed from pillar to post and no one has any answers for me. I’m going crazy worrying and it’s affecting my ability to do anything, all the stress is making me moody and putting me on edge. Any advice would greatly appreciated.

Thank you ladies