HELP.. what does this mean?

Smear results have come back…


I don’t understand, I’m driving myself mad with worry, tension headaches, sleepless nights etc! I have a 2yo little boy I need to be okay for!

Any advice or reassurance would be hugely appreciated.

Hi @JayneyB

Didnt want to just read your post and run, some of the terminology they use can be so confusing and we tend to get different terms with our results at times, none of us are doctors so the best thing would be to call the colposcopy you had your LLETZ and have them explain (just saw your other post) also try to stay away from DR Google hes not your friend! Lol

Its actually terrible that things wernt explained to you more xx

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Hi JayneyB

Yikes, I seriously hope it’s some sort of typo. I’ve never heard of anyone getting what appears to be a cancer diagnosis in this way; it invariably involves a face to face appointment with an oncologist plus a clinical nurse specialist is present.

I agree with Tinkerbelle29 to call your colposcopy clinic for an explanation. And don’t Google - scaremonger.


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That is exactly what came through on my hospital referral colposcopy appointment…

I will give them a call them tomorrow, but equally when I saw the gyne consultant, who was lovely, but very insistent I deal with this before my furthering my incontinence, prolapses & pelvic floor problems from child birth( Another absolute disaster story). He said, this is far more serious and very important to sort, so naturally I am freaking out and very lost in my thoughts/don’t understand.

Trying to hold it together is pretty tough!


Hi Jayney,

Any update from them for you?


I’ve rung the department this morning, just waiting on the staff nurse to return my call today.
Have also spoken to my GP, who was mightly shocked at the letter/lack of information.


Fingers crossed you can get some info today, waiting is the hardest thing.

Hello Jayney, just read your posts & hope all is well? :heartpulse: