Help- heavy bleeding 12 days after Lletz!

Looking for advice please ladies…

I had Lletz done 12 days ago and had very little bleeding after (just watery discharge). The last few days I’ve been bleeding a bit with bright red blood, similar to a period (I’m breastfeeding so not having periods yet). However, this evening I felt a bit of a gush and soaked through my pad with heavy bleeding. I went to the toilet and a red/brown lump fell in to the loo. I’m assuming it’s the scab?
Now, is the heavy bleeding normal at this point? At the moment I’m soaking a pad in less than a hour for sure but I’m hoping it will settle.
Any advice greatly appreciated. Would rather not end up in hospital tonight as I have a 5 month old.

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Hey, I’m on day 3 of my LLETZ so not reached that point yet but just going off the care sheet I was given it says you will experience bleeding again when the scab falls off around day 7-10 so with you being on day 12 it’s a possibility it’s that!
If you’re really worried or your soaking pads I would ring out of hours emergency to see what they advice you do!
Hope it settles and you’re ok! X

If any doubt call the clinic/hospital and ask advice… i had profuse bleeding 5 days post LLETZ+Top Hat ( 7 night maxi pads + changes of clothes + shower in 2h before deciding to go to A&E) … they say you might bleed “like a period “ when the scab cones off but if you are scared of feel that what is happening is wrong then call and ask … they are usually very nice about it
Hope it hets better for you !

@Lucky7 call the ward. Its not normal to be bleeding that much. I hope youre ok.

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How are you?

I hope you’re ok op. I had a similar gush and lumps. Turned out to be a torn artery which I might not have survived, but I did after many hours in a&e being filled back up with blood. I hope you stopped bleeding , but I also hope you called up nhs and got the care you needed. Just reading your post gave me flashbacks. Hope you’re just busy caring and cuddling yourself and baby x

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Hello @Lucky7,
How did you get on? I’ve just had same thing as you and believe it is normal? I’m on day 10 post-lletz.
I think I remember the same thing happening 7 years ago when I first had the treatment. No matter what though, it is scary!

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Well, ended up going to hospital in the middle of the night as i was passing a lot of clot and passing a bit too much blood.
They tried to stop the bleeding.
My blood test was fine.
They gave me a week of antibiotics for infection.
Very scary experince.