Have you lost your sex drive after LLETZ/LEEP

Have you lost your sex drive after LLETZ? Did you know that doctors don’t fully understand how women’s sexual pleasure works and how it may be effected by LLETZ because no research has been done in this area?

And did you know that many doctors aren’t even aware of the research that does exist about the cervix. Some doctors will tell you there are ‘no nerve endings in the cervix’ while others will say that LLETZ can damage the nerves in the cervix.

If you have noticed changes in your sex drive after LLETZ, I have a support group, on facebook and I hope to start a campaign to raise awareness about the side effects that doctors don’t bother mentioning so that hopefully eventually there can be more research and safer treatments.

PM me if you’d like to join the group.

did anyone have any update on this issue? :(

I would like some information on the group please