Has LEEP/LLETZ effected your sex drive?

Has the LEEP effected your sex drive and ability to orgasm? Or are you suffering from painful sex etc? This happened to me, and yet, doctors aren't aware of this side effect, and don't inform women about it. If this has happened you I have a facebook support group for women who are going through this. We want to share info, and choices without unnecessary fear and anxiety. 

PM me if you'd like the link. I want to raise awareness so that women are informed and have better choices for treatment. We know about doctors in the US who are researching and beginning to understand how the LEEP effects sex drive and orgasm, and hopefully this will lead to better informed choice in time, and better treatments. 

Losing my sex life, was pretty devastating, though 12 years later I am slowly getting it back. I don't want other women to have to go through this.