Good news and hope for others

Since joining the forum a year ago I’ve felt there is so much support from others when I really didn’t know where to turn. I just wanted to share my recent good news so have posted my history below in the hope this will help reassure others in similar circumstances.

I’m 51, had never had an abnormal smear until last year. Been with my husband for 26 years and we have both been completely faithful throughout these 26 years.

So, here’s where it starts:

March 2023 waited 11weeks for smear result which was received end of May 2023 HPV positive no abnormal cells. This was the first time I had been tested for HPV as live in Scotland. I was shocked and in a real state.

July 2023 Superdrug home test HPV negative for all strains.

Further Superdrug home tests in October 2023 and February 2024 also both negative for all strains.

18 March 2024 went for repeat one year smear test and received the results on Friday after only an 11 day wait this time rather than last year’s 11 week wait. NO HPV FOUND and return in 5 years. To say I was relieved is an understatement.

All I did different was take Boots Immune support multivitamins since May 2023 which I’ll continue with. Obviously this virus was lying dormant all these years but it is possible to put it back into dormancy or clear it even in your 50’s.


So bloody happy for you! One thing I wondered if you had considered from just reading your post, is there any chance that first HPV positive smear in March 2023 was a false positive? Seems very strange that you’ve had so many negative HPV tests to all strains since that one, especially as you took a test a couple months later? It would make more sense if that positive one was wrong, in my opinion. It’s just an idea, main thing is you’re fine!

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I did wonder if it had been a false positive in March 2023, especially because it would need to have been dormant for over 26 years and very strange why it’s the only abnormal smear I’ve ever had. However I’m not sure if it could have been wrong as it was an NHS smear test

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It could still have been a false positive, but the main thing is, you’re fine now. X

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Congratulations Laney! It is fantastic to hear about someone pushing their infection back into dormancy. It is clear your body has been able to do this successfully for many years before and you were able to do it again! It is very possible you would have tested positive at times in your past just the tech to test for HPV was not there and due to your healthy immune system your body stopped any cell changes from occurring so you always had a normal result come back.

On the subject of false positives my understanding is that false positive HPV tests are rare by the nature of the DNA testing process.

Under the old cytology first system we had more false positives as inflammation etc could lead to reports of borderline or low grade cell changes even though the inflammation would likely resolve itself or need a different treatment such as antibiotics.

I think it is most likely that you have successfully fought HPV back into dormancy. Thank you for coming back and sharing your success story! :heart:

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That’s Amazing news , gives me confidence I’m 49 and just had results of being Hpv positive and abnormal cells , got to have another smear in a year, which seems so long away but trying to have positive mind set the Superdrug test sound like a possible option until then ,thank you @Laney73

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