Good news but

Hello everyone! I’m 56 soon to be 57 and out of the blue i was found to be HPV positive last year, early in march this year i had the yearly test and have had no news regarding the results so i just called my Dr’s.

Receptionist has just said i now have no HPV but i still have to go back in a year,why? She has no answer to thid and i have no letter to refer back to.
What shall i do? Why another year? I am so confused.

Congratulations on being HPV negative. It’s standard practice to follow up in some trust areas, and to be honest I would be pleased that they’re going to do so - to make sure you are still okay. Better more checks than too little. Please don’t let it make you feel worried, but if someone offered you a free health check I’m sure you’d be pleased that someone was caring - that’s what it is. X

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Thanks, yes i agree but still feel a bit uneasy that i haven’t had any letter explaining what and why.
I think i feel that the receptionist is wrong and i have no information.x

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