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Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the forum.

Has anybody initially gone private to get a referral? How does it all work?

I can’t get an appointment with my GP. Patients have to call at 8am for a same day appointment, they are so busy that we redial 100+ times before we can get through and by then all the appointments are gone and we are told to try again the following day. I’m always mid school run at 8am so it’s really difficult anyway. The receptionist is very inflexible and tells me to go to A and E if it’s urgent…

If I was to go private, would they do the same things as an initial GP appointment? (Examine me and refer on if necessary?)

A bit of background about me, if it helps. I’ve just turned 40 and have 4 children under ten. I’ve been having irregular, heavy periods for about 8 months (17-28 day cycles when they were always 30 days), lots of discharge (some blood stained), lots of spotting between cycles (everyday for the past month), heavier vaginal bleeding with a bowel movement, low tummy cramps, a bit of back ache and fatigue (although I’ve been permanently knackered since having children!).

Thanks for any advice


Hi Jeni

My goodness your GP situation sounds a bit of a nightmare.

I don’t have any experience of going private for gynae issues and hopefully someone else will be able to share their experience regarding that.

I would have hoped your symptoms such as blood stained discharge would mean your GP would prioritise your case. Have you tried calling the surgery later in the day when the phone line is less busy? in my experience if you tell the receptionist your symptoms (emphasise that you have abnormal bleeding) you are more likely to be taken seriously - it shouldn’t be that way but needs must imo.

Another option is to call 111 and explain the situation and they should be able to offer some guidance.




I have also just joined the forum but I’m currently going through BUPA. To give a little background I had actually contacted my GP in the hope of getting HRT owing to suffering a number issues I had assumed were perimenopause. My GP referred me through BUPA to be seen by a gynaecologist although I believe I could have referred myself owing to the cover I have through my husbands employer.

I had fallen behind with my smears (I’ve had a number of complications over the years and I know I put the family before myself :pensive: ). Initially I was given the plan of ablation to ease the bleeding but following the smear that was carried out this plan is no longer suitable (CGIN found). The initial gynacologist I saw referred me to a gynaecological oncologist. I had a colposcopy done on 20 November and didn’t appreciate that I would also have LLETZ. Instead of a 10-20 minute appointment I was in for over a hour which I hadn’t prepared myself for.

I am awaiting the results of LLETZ and a top hat - the waiting really is the hardest. The plan is to have a hysterectomy but I await the results to see if any further treatment is required. I’m in my early 50’s so it’s an easy decision for me.

Going privately I believe meant I was seen more quickly but the waiting time for results is the same regardless of NHS/private.

I hope this helps someone xx

I went for a private scan after my GP diagnosed my pain as IBS. She did refer me to Gynae anyway but theres a significant waiting time.
My private scan discovered what they thought to be perhaps a fibroid or cyst and the report was sent to the GP. She rang me immediately and re did my referral asap red flag to be seen urgently. As it turned out 2 weeks later I was rushed by ambulance to hospital and I was admitted. Biopsies taken and discovered it to be an adenocarcinoma. From start to finish that was from 6th July- 1st GP visit 13th July Private Scan 22nd July hospital admission. Then 2 weeks after that I was officially told what it was .


I think the big question here is - have you been having regular smear tests, and what was the result of your last smear? When are you due one again? There could be many reasons for the symptoms, including fibroids, endometriosis and maybe even early perimenopause - but you definitely need to be seen. Are there any well-woman clinics near where you live? Does your GP have an internet based booking system that you can sign up to? Many do, with the ridiculous phone system being the alternative. Failing that, you could consider visiting the surgery after dropping your children at school and asking for an appointment, laying it on about the pain and blood loss…. Just a thought.

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To back up the other replies from Jazza and Jacks; you could phone 111 and explain your symptoms/dilemma and they will advise you; I contacted them once when I was unsure what to do (about a post menopausal bleed) and they said that they had triaged me and they also contacted my GP surgery so that when I called to make an appointment there was no problem. Obviously your symptoms aren’t the same as mine but 111 would be able to advise you about the best course of action.
Let us know how you get on
A x

Thanks all.

I’ll keep trying this week and if I don’t get anywhere by Friday I think I’ll call 111.
My GP doesn’t have use their online system (they suspended it when Covid started).
I’ve tried calling after the morning rush, but I’m told to try again the following morning. They are so inflexible towards working parents. Many people have started to queue up outside before it opens to guarantee an appointment, but I can’t do that.
I’m behind with my smears. I last had one 4-5 years ago. (Results were clear). I have one booked for the end of the month.

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I was attending a vulvar clinic for 3 years at the hospital who kept telling me there was nothing of concern. I then paid to see a consultant privately who immediately organised a biopsy later that day and the results came back as Vin3. As I couldn’t afford to carry on paying for treatment she then wrote to my GP asking them to refer me to her NHS practise (which was technically out of my area). Thankfully they did this and I remain under her NHS care for the past 2 years now. I saw paying the consultation fee as an investment in my health and am very glad I did it.