Getiing pregnant after Cervical Treatment

Hi all,

one year ago I had a diagnosis for pre cancer CIN 3, had my treatments done and I’m lucky & happy to share that my latest screening says I’m high risk HPV free and with negliglible chances of developing cancer in the near future.

Everyone who is reading this has probably been through the same (or worse) path, so you all know the pain, both psychological and physical of the whole process.
Personally, I’ve always had a strong desire to experience motherhood, and the pre-cancer made me realise that it’s time for me to actively start trying to have a child.

I’m single now. My bfriend broke up with me last year, a few weeks before I found out about the precancer, and I haven’t dated anyone during this year. I’m 33 years old, so I’m aware my fertility is slowly declining. On top of this, there is history in my family of close relatives who all had to remove their womb for cancer related issues.

So the clock is ticking and I feel ready. I have asked some male friends if they would be up to donate their sperm and… only one said yes. My ex boyfriend. We remained friends after splitting up, and even tho he is in a relationship with someone else, he and his new girlfriend both agreed to help me.

We want to try the path of home insemination, so using a DIY home kit where you insert the sperm in the female body using a syringe. I had 2 LLEZT treatments and I was wondering about the risks (if there are any) of using such kit after having had surgery in my cervix, as the kit we want to use is going to touch that area.
I have read about some risks of getting cervical shock or even an infection, and I’m a bit worried.

Initially, I wanted to try conceiving through regular intercourse, but in the end both me and the donor decided that it might get us to become emotional involved, so we would prefer using the kit.

Has anyone tried this or has any suggestions?

thanks for reading & sending you all a big hug

Hello, good luck and really hope it works for you, can’t really help with any answers but maybe your gp could give you some ideas on how to go about it . Take care