Fatigue and lack of motivation

Hello, I’m looking for some advice please. I’m currently going through the menopause after pelvic radiotherapy/chemotherapy. My dr has prescribed Kliofem which I’ve been taking for 5 weeks now. The hot flushes have lessened but I’m really struggling with fatigue and lack of motivation. Has anyone been through something similar or have any experience with Kliofem? Thank you in advance .

@Josie1612 I’m going through menopause post radical hysterectomy. I started hrt patches 5 weeks post op and its helped with headaxhes and night sweats. I think its normal to be fatigued post treatment too. Are yoy mansging to exercise as that can help with fatigue and motivation.

Thank you so much for your reply and hope you are recovering well. Really struggling with everyday tasks so exercise is on the back burner at the moment. I feel as though I’m dragging myself around. Hopefully with time things will improve x