exercise after radical trachelectomy and lymphedema tips

Hello ladies

I am almost 4 weeks post op after a total laproscopic radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal for

stage 1B1 CC.  

Everything came back clear thank the lord, and i am feeling better everyday.

I was hoping to get advice on what exercise is good for me as I recover.  

I believe that walking, pilates and yoga are fine.  

Has anyone taken up things like cycling and zumba again at 6 weeks post op?  

I was pretty fit pre-op and went to the gym about 4 times a week.  

Also anyone have any advice on exercise to prevent lymphedema in the legs?  

Keen to get as many tips as possible and share!

Thank you!


Hi. I walked loads after my hyst for 1B2. So much that I was doing a mile three times a day at 4 weeks post op! I also got an exercise ball to work my core. Swimming is great too after 6 weeks. I now go to the gym several times a week, and do a bit on the spinning bikes as well as swimming and walking. My op was 6 months ago. Not sure about the lymphedema, not got a problem with it currently. I asked the same question at the hospital and they were really sketchy with an answer! 

Walking. Lots of. Good for everything including lymphodema.

Be lucky


Thank you. I am walking lots and trying to increase everyday. going to try a gentle yoga class soon as well.

the hospital was pretty sketchy on lymphedema prevention with me as well.  I was told to never use razors on my legs and to avoid cuts, grazes and mosquito bites. Plus to moisturise everyday, but nothing on exercise. 

Would be great to hear what other people were told. 



I had radical trachelectomy with lymph node removal in April last year and had to attend the lymphoedema clinic for monitoring. I had a little bit of swelling in my lower legs last summer but that hasn't come to anything, thankfully. My lymphoedema nurse told me that swimming in particular was an amazing excercise for lymphoedema. I asked about running and she said a light jog would be ok to start with but to avoid any particularly high impact excercise. I guess you have to do what feels comfortable and take it slowly while your body is still healing.

It's incredible how different after care is depending on where you live!  I got a leaflet - no sign of any appointment, let alone monitoring!  That's why it's so great to hear what you were advised.  I'm definietly going to start swimming as soon as I can.

Allie, were you advised to wear support stockings as a preventative measure at any time?  I've heard that some people are advised to do this post op.

Thanks ladies :) 

I have Lymphedema in my legs pelvis and abdomen and after a course of complex decongestive therapy from the Lymphedema specialist I am now wearing compression garments every day.  


Walking is iis good for your legs but stay away from high impact excercies .


hope this helps



Hi Nellie,

Yes, I was given two pairs of very attractive tights to wear! I had to get properly fitted for them and thankfully got them free (they are £84 per pair to buy. Crazy!) They were really good when I had the swelling but unfortunately it was in July last year during a heatwave! I was absolutely cooked! I was also advised to wear them while travelling (we flew to Italy and then later in the year, Mauritius)

I have since been back to my clinic and was discharged from them in December (8 months post op) as I hadn't had any symptoms since July and I felt fine. She told me to still be aware of any swelling but seemed to think I would be ok. I still have the tights just in case, but like I said, haven't had to use them.

It is incredible how different the care is in different parts of the country. I guess the main bit of advice I can give is just be aware of any changes in your legs and get yourself to the doctor as soon as you think something isn't quite right.